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An open letter to new vegans

Camille Marino December 11, 2018 Dear New Vegan – Congratulations on taking this first step in your journey of conscience and responsibility. I’m sharing with you what I wish someone had shared with me 11 years ago. Too many of us had to learn the hard way and the animals simply don’t have time to…
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In Memory of John D. Watson

John D. Watson Camille Marino April 23, 2018 One afternoon in late 2014, I was served court papers in Florida summoning me to New Mexico to appear before the bench the following morning. With some change in my bank account, it was impossible to comply and, although I highly doubted there was a court in…
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Confessions of a Vivisectionist — Join us in NYC at 7 pm tonight

Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe & Activist Center 172 Allen Street New York, New York 10002 Tonight, April 11, at 7 pm Can’t wait to hear Michael Slusher‘s passionate discussion about his experiences inside animal labs. If you’re in the city, come hang out with me and get a signed copy of his book, They All Had…
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#uncensored hits No. 1 in Amazon’s “Hot New Releases”

And this is how we get Animal Liberation into the hands of Jane & John Q. Public. #uncensored: inside the animal liberation movement just hit No. 1 in Amazon’s hot new releases under the category of Censorship. They can hit us with restraining orders when we protest, they can lock us up and call us…
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Good riddance Stephen Hawking, a garden-variety bigot

The title of my own blog offends me. I want to be able to celebrate this man’s life, not so much for his contribution to science and thought, but because his accomplishments demonstrate that no matter what challenges any of us may face, we all have within us a store of talent and power if…
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Danger to Society – second edition available now

Declared a danger to society and thrown in jail on a $500,000 bond, I found myself sitting atop an artificial pedestal as the cell doors slammed shut on July 13, 2012. When they opened a little over a month later, I had been kicked off that platform and the same individuals who cheered a month…
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Restraining orders have an expiration date, the truth doesn’t

James David Jentsch Up until 2010, at the age of 46, the greatest legal issue with which I was ever confronted was a speeding ticket. And then I was served with my first restraining order by notorious monkey murderer and celebrated UCLA vivisector James David Jentsch. I lived 3000 miles away in Florida, had never…
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Message from Prisoner Tomas Vasquez – International Support Needed

Tomas Vasquez was arrested at a fur farm demonstration on November 25, 2017 and is now facing deportation. We need to support him, share his story widely, make phone calls, and exert some international pressure. Whenever an acivtist is in the hands of the state, that person must know that the rest of us are…
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Vegan 2017

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” -Nelson Mandela

the vegan objective is to dismantle speciesism

by Felix King The word vegan has a very specific objective and definition, it’s to dismantle speciesism. It doesn’t have to be set up in behavioral terms other than believing and acting on that belief that animals are equal. Speciesism is a systematic oppression as is racism, sexism, queerphobia etc. It all stems from the…
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