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activist, author, former political prisoner

The Farce of Thanksgiving

I question how many people understand what they are celebrating as Americans gather around tables adorned with the bodies of the victims of this year’s nonhuman genocide. The following article explains in good detail what Thanksgiving Day truly commemorates. Although it is a bit lengthy, I encourage everyone to read it in its entirety, both…
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How “Love & Peace” Kills Animals

“Species membership is not a valid reason to place anyone outside the circle of moral compassion or beyond the reach of effective defense.” ~Lindy Greene “The time for civil discourse has expired.” ~Camille Marino by Lindy Greene & Camille Marino Globalization is predicated upon slave labor. Both animate and inanimate resources are expended to the…
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Radicals would rather die than Compromise about Animal Liberation

Camille Marino August 14, 2017 I have felt the sting of being ostracized by a mainstream Animal Rights movement that has historically been far more offended by my words and tactics than by the war criminals who carve up animals with impunity. That’s as it should be. My goal is Animal Liberation. Theirs is not…
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