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Radicals would rather die than Compromise about Animal Liberation

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Camille Marino
August 14, 2017

I have felt the sting of being ostracized by a mainstream Animal Rights movement that has historically been far more offended by my words and tactics than by the war criminals who carve up animals with impunity. That’s as it should be. My goal is Animal Liberation. Theirs is not offending a complicit public, also known as a donation base. Having been further marginalized by an Animal Rights patriarchy that sought to silence me for having the audacity to stand alone with my truth and integrity against fraudulent patriarchs who’ve repeatedly betrayed activists and animals, my name is now radioactive even for those who pose as the “militant” beacons of our community. This community, built upon compromise and appeasing various power bases, serves as the instrument which moderates all who fall victim to it’s allure. I stand as a bonafide outsider — a radical, a revolutionary, who has literally fought with my body and blood to maintain my ability to speak for Animal Liberation.