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activist, author, former political prisoner

Dollars for Death

Camille A. Marino May 23, 2018 Do we really want to end the unfathomable pain and suffering to which we subject nonhumans? Or do we all just want to enjoy a community with which we can commiserate while professional exploiters get rich? No, I’m not talking about vivisectors and agri-abusers, circuses and leather houses. I’m…
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On Naming Names (#uncensored – Now Available in Paperback)

Camille Marino April 5, 2018 In my zeal to have everything run smoothly on my intended April 1 publication date, I made a ridiculous mess of the process. So while the Kindle version was up on time, the paperback is only finally available now. I apologize for the delay. I’ve received very warm and encouraging…
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