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Congressional candidate seeks to make government accountable

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Robert N. Smith is the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 1st Congressional District of Tennessee. He says, “I have a mission, to make this government really serve the people it governs.” And although the Bill of Rights has been steadily decimated since 9/11, I question how many of us understand that if we are unwilling to fight for our own rights, then we have relinquished our ability to fight for Animal Liberation. I support Mr. Smith’s efforts and encourage my colleagues to only support those candidates who represent the interests of the people and the animals. -Camille

Bob Smith Peacemaker and US Navy Retired
Candidate for Congress TN 1st. Congressional District
Nov. 24th. 2017

Why has the Patriot Act not been repealed or declared unconstitutional? It has repealed almost every part of the Bill of Rights except the Second Amendment.

The First Amendment guarantees Freedom of Religion except for Mormons who believe in Polygamy. Except for Muslims who speak up for their right to practice their religion. Except Native Americans who wish to protest harmful industrial practices through prayer.
The First Amendment guarantees freedom of assembly except for people protesting Wall Street Racketeers and Banksters. Except for Native Americans who are trying to protect their drinking water. Except for people protesting cruel treatment of animals. Except for people protesting unsavory business practices. Except for people protesting police brutality.
The First Amendment protects Freedom of Speech except if you speak out against injustice. Except if you Speak out against factory farming practices. Except if you speak out against oil pipelines. Except if you speak out against war, injustice or police criminal activity. Except if you speak out about the selling of our law making to the highest bidder.

The Second Amendment is the only one that remains even if your a convicted felon. After all the latest church shooter was convicted, and still bought guns.

The Third Amendment has never been tested.