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Ellen Ericksen – abusers really wish she would just be quiet!

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Those who actively abuse animals or benefit from their enslavement want to ignore us. And, clearly, Ellen Ericksen makes that impossible. This article almost screams “Why doesn’t she just shut up?” And I think it outlines a brilliant example for any activist fighting against the injustice that permeates our society. Never relent. Never be silent. Know that wherever you are, you may be the only person speaking for the oppressed. What I love most about Ellen is that she’s a Lone Wolf — following her own conscience to the exclusion of all else. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a few comments in brackets to help out Erik Davis who seems a bit confused sometimes. -Camille

Ellen is the leader of the anti-SeaWorld movement in San Diego.

Courtesy of Erik Davis (Awesome Ocean)

Want to get to know who’s behind the protest at SeaWorld San Diego each week? Want to know who will say anything to convince you of her crusade?

Meet Ellen from San Diego. If you live in the area, you may recognize her from TV. She has perfected screaming in righteous indignation. She has the all important bull horn – a staple in the activist tool bag. She’s the leader of the protests in front of SeaWorld San Diego.

She’ll do anything to force her world view on you.

Why would someone engage in that kind of activity? The better question is, why would you follow this person?

While sympathizing with Ellen in the wake of viewing the movie Blackfish may seem easy, the truth behind her activism may prompt more regular people to reconsider her version of the truth.


Fri, Sept. 8 – Sun, Sept 10: Free Visions of Change Workshop in Florida

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

My Office in Wildwood, Florida (about an hour north of Orlando)

I went vegan and became an activist because I was horrified — in absolute disbelief — at the injustices animals are made to endure; it was because I wanted to create real change. That’s why every single one of us is here. Unfortunately, everyone wanted me to write a check, pay for a conference, buy a t-shirt, or eat for the animals. Very few seasoned activists would give me anything practical. What could I do? What could one person do? I now know the answer: one person can do a lot! I want to give you the tools and information you need and help you focus in on your own Vision of Change for your own community.

Spend a weekend in central Florida. Your only expenses are your own food and transportation. You’ll have free access to an Olympic-sized pool, a full gym, woods to take a walk and talk. Let’s figure out where your passion lies and how you can focus your energy most effectively. You’ll go home knowing:

  • how to research and find out what’s going on in your area;
  • who’s harming animals and where;
  • how to start a campaign and recruit supporters;
  • how to use your information effectively;
  • how to use the Internet effectively;
  • how to secure your computers, your information, and your best options for cyber communication.

There are other things I want to teach you but will not discuss it online. I want you to know how to deep research an abuser so that you know everything about them and their family; I want you to know what tactics and strategies have worked for me. And I want to help you figure out exactly what you want to be doing.

I have my own vision: to have focused, aggressive, informed, and well-equipped grassroots activists rising up in every community around the country to take personal responsibility for forcing change. I want us to learn to share our information and resources. As basic as that may sound, the AR community has a cottage industry of patriarchs and nonprofits who want you to pay to hear them talk. They don’t want you to have information because that info is how they get donations. I think it’s time to change the dynamic.

If there is any interest, I am hoping to give these workshops monthly and grow an army. Feel free to leave a comment, write me at, or text me at 352-702-5143.


Camille Marino
July 27, 2017

Saturday, Aug 5 – Eleventh Hour returns to Gainesville

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Courtesy of Eleventh Hour for Animals

For more than two years, every single animal inside the University of Florida has been deprived of a voice — suffering and dying in invisible silence. While Eleventh Hour has been on an extended hiatus, only the occasional welfare violation has seen the light of day. If I were a vivisector, I would love nothing more than tepid little men groveling at my feet, waiting to go tell the public they found a welfare violation. Who could spread the insidious propaganda that welfare protects animals to the mainstream better than an animal advocate. Well, those days are over.

We are concerned with the day to day atrocities to which animals are subjected inside UF’s dungeons in full compliance with federal welfare regulations. We’re back to put a face back on vivisection. And there’s no room for negotiation.

If you can join us, please text Camille at 352-702-5143 for details and information. If you can’t be here physically, please follow Eleventh Hour on Facebook to join in the online festivities.

To those responsible for animal suffering

Monday, July 24th, 2017


For two years I’ve had to sit on my anger, sit back in my own restraints, and just watch the animals die. I had to swallow my own feelings, knowing that it was other vegans — not just one — but a concerted effort of welfarists, collaborators, and cultists who worked tirelessly to silence me and stop me from fighting to free the monkeys inside the University of Florida. They shredded my reputation in an attempt to maintain an illusion of credibility. They replaced my efforts with dead air. And, interestingly, not a single one of these individuals have ever attempted to shut down an abuser with the dedication and ferocity with which they sought to stop me. Frankly, my activism stands on its own merit, especially against this backdrop of frauds, gossips and cowards. An independent documentary and my own memoir will explore my struggles over the past few years. But, while the vivisectors and other abusers have been carving up their victims in peace and anonymity and laughing at the traitorous activists who did their dirty work, please know I’m back. And the animals will have a voice. I intend to win on all fronts. Because it is the winners who write history!

I’ve been speaking with new activists, one in particular. This individual reminds me of myself 10 years ago — anger, enthusiasm, compassion, and a seemingly-endless store of initiative. While I turn my attention to empowering activists with the tools and strategies I’ve accumulated along the way, this person empowered me with something I desperately needed: a reminder. A reminder of who I am and why I’m here. To fight with everything I’m made of for Animal Liberation! I will never negotiate my own liberty for some comfort. And I will never negotiate Animal Liberation to satisfy anyone else’s definition of what it should be.

So to all those who don’t approve of my methods, to all those who just don’t like me, to all those who get rich tormenting animals, and to all those who put their own agendas ahead of the animals, let me say this as clearly as I possibly can: FUCK YOU!

I will do this my way. If you hurt animals, you should be looking over your shoulder. You should have to watch your kids on their way to school. And even if your “kid” is a 50-year old man who lives in Rhode Island, maybe it’s time to reconsider how your penchant for mutilating animals could affect the ones you love.

I’m done playing games. FOIAs were filed this morning; more records will be requisitioned soon. Hope you enjoyed the couple of years you had torturing animals to death in peace with the full protection the movement.

Camille A. Marino
July 24, 2017

Tools to Bypass the USDA Animal Abuse Database Deletion

Friday, July 21st, 2017

When the USDA took its animal abuse database offline in February, some activists were concerned that they would be unable to adequately research their campaigns. The deleted info is still public, however; the state is simply making it more difficult for us to obtain. I’m guessing that, aside from the big welfare orgs, not many activists had even seen the deleted database. So this is a great time for grassroots activists to add some tools to their repertoire.

What is the USDA hiding?

The state claims that it fears for the safety of its federally-funded animal abusers. Therefore, it defends deleting this database which basically allowed us:

  • to easily find abusers by location;
  • to determine how many animals are in a the possession of a given business;
  • and it allowed us to examine annual inspection reports of said business.

Much of what is gone is still readily available. It may just take a little longer to connect all the dots.

Finding Federally-Funded Abusers

Apparently, animal abusers want to hide the animals they abuse, but they don’t seem to have any problem applying for grants, writing research papers, and buying homes.

The NIH Reporter database contains a wealth of information about abusers across the country funded through the National Institutes of Health. Click the hyperlink and type in the name of your local university, business, or breeder at the line for “Organization;” choose “Submit Query” at the bottom of the form. If you don’t know what businesses are in your backyard, enter your city and state in the appropriate fields and hit “Submit Query.” This will tell you how much taxpayer money is flowing into any given institution annually. Please note: these grants cover legitimate research as well as fraudulent vivisection so one needs to be diligent in searching through this data.

In a few weeks I will be announcing a free workshop that will teach activists to thoroughly research abusers, acquiring a wealth of personal information, and how to initiate a comprehensive & strategic campaign to shut them down. The NIH Reporter is a good place to start and familiarize yourself with the data. Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in learning more.

Filing FOIAs and state-level open records requests

Armed with your information from the NIH, you are ready to file both state-level open records requests as well as federal Freedom of Information Act requests to begin to connect the dots. Federally-funded experiments are considered “public records” and so you are entitled to begin to penetrate the labs legally. The basic difference is that FOIAs will go to federal agencies such as the USDA and open records requests will go to the recipients of federal grants like universities.

1) It is vital to file open records requests with your targeted university or business. This letter generator provided by Student Press Law Center allows you to fill in the items you seek and other contact information and it will print out a legally-cited letter according to the state in which you are filing. You are entitled to ask for:

  • protocol(s) for the experiment(s) you seek (protocols tell you in layman’s terms exactly how they intend to torture the animals, who is funding the experiment, the duration of the experiment and, most importantly, who is responsible for the immediate hands-on mutilation and who is supervising it);
  • vet records and daily lab charts for the animals being harmed in the experiment (the vet records will give you a snapshot of the agony the victims endure on a daily basis, but they will also give you the names of breeders, drivers, and other individuals who are the tertiary targets for any comprehensive anti-viv initiative);
  • all images and/or video that exist for the experiment.

2) Filing federal FOIAs has become essential in order to secure USDA inspection reports. Do not be distracted by welfare issues; remember that welfare simply defines legalized torture. But these reports will tend to illuminate certain issues in the labs (or other business) or give pictures and other details about the animals. provides a federal letter generator that works in the same manner as the state-level one discussed above. You may register for iFOIA HERE.

Camille Marino
July 21, 2017

An Essential Guide for Activists: Comprehensive Basic Security

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

the following smart phone info applies to androids. i would assume it can be adapted for iphones as well.

Why do you need security?  Because you’re an activist!

I am far from a security expert; I have no technical background whatsoever. I am, however, an expert on being raided and having my privacy repeatedly violated by law enforcement (LE). Do they really need your compromising pictures?! Nothing will protect you 100% online. They’ve penetrated and seized entire dark web criminal enterprise sites. So if they want you, they’ll get you. But we can sure as fuck take steps to protect your privacy


Your system is only as secure as your password. A “brute force” attack is where a program tries to crack your password by trial and error. I believe that our only real protection is in using a password that will potentially take years to crack.  16-character passwords have been cracked by hackers in under an hour. So I don’t believe estimates that it will take 50 years to crack a complex 64-character password; nonetheless, even if it takes a year or two, time is your friend here.

Whole-Disk Encryption

The first and most basic measure you need is disk encryption. This means that if your device is in the physical possession of LE, they have to break in first to be able to access your drive. I prefer encryption systems that will wipe your drive if the wrong password is entered 10 times. I know, none of us wants to lose all the data we’ve accumulated. But your personal information is better gone than in the hands of someone — LE or an identity thief — who will use it against you. Everything I discuss is open-source, unless otherwise noted.


I liked TruCrypt because if anyone entered my password wrong 10 times, my drive would wipe and the device would become useless. Since TruCrypt is no longer maintained, my research suggests that VeraCrypt is the best open source (non-corporate) tool available. I have a tech who sets up my encryption for me, I use my complex password, and once it’s set up, it is transparent. Just do it. You never have to think about it again.


Encrypt your android through your security settings and set it to wipe and revert to factory settings if your password is incorrectly entered 10 times. I respect Apple for refusing a government subpoena last year demanding they decrypt the phone of an alleged terrorist. However, someone did, in fact, break the encryption. If they are intent upon accessing your data, they will. Data can be retrieved even after a factory reset. A good habit is to use an iShredder app during routine maintenance.

Get in the habit of powering down whenever you leave the house. If you run to the store and leave your laptop open it defeats the purpose. No one is going to make an appointment to come raid your house or rob you. It happens when you least expect it. Be prepared.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) & Tor

So you decrypted your device and you’re ready to get online. Not yet. As soon as you connect to the internet, your provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc) can see everywhere you go and log all of your activity. If LE ever subpoenas them, they will hand it right over. No concerned with the state? Supposing you Google “popular murder methods” out of sheer curiosity and your next door neighbor is murdered. The “evidence” would seem to point to you. Let me disabuse you of any misconceptions like “if I didn’t do anything, I have nothing to hide.” No one cares about your guilt or innocence where LE is involved. It’s about winning and losing period. Maybe you’re more concerned about protecting your identity online. You need a VPN. It will  route your traffic through a third-party proxy so that your provider can’t spy on what you do online. It will hide your IP so you cannot be identified, but it does not completely anonymize the user.


I only trust two VPNs, both user-friendly (i.e., EASY) and neither keeps any records of what you do once you connect. You can choose the location you wish to connect through. These are not open-source so there is a fee. If you really want to protect your identity, you can pay with Bitcoins. (A separate post will be published about cryptocurrencies and tails). You can compare IPVanish and NordVPN and decide which you like best.

Tor is a browser like Firefox that will anonymize you on the web (it hides your identifying information such as browser or operating system). You may download Tor here and there is a lot of information on the site about how it works. It’s a good idea to read up on the background and how you should use it most safely (e.g., don’t make the browser full screen, turn off java script, etc).


Bitmask is free and easy to use. It will divert your traffic through Montreal. You will need to open up a Riseup Black account and may download the android software there or through Google Play. The instructions to set it up are simple. Download, log in with your black account, turn it on.

In order to access the Tor on your android, you need to download Orbot and Orfox from Google Play. Simply explained, Orbot is a server that connects to the Tor network. It needs to be running in the background. Orfox is your browser that will connect through Orbot.

VPNs and Tor are intended to protect your identity to make your online experience as safe as possible. If you want to check your public IP as well as how much of your information may be leaking out, JonDo is an amazing resource. Click here to do their IP check.


Regular PGP (pretty good encryption) allows people to exchange communications in code. Each party exchanges their keys allowing them to unlock each other’s messages. OTR (off the record) is a type of encryption where the key only works for the duration of a conversation then disappears. If someone gains access to your device, they can read all of your old messages if they find your key. With OTR, no one will ever be able to read them again.


GPG4win is a free pgp system that you can download here. And Deepdotweb published this excellent step-by-step tutorial for beginners.


We use text and messengers for everything. This may be the most important information for some. You need to encrypt and protect your chats. A messenger that gets some rave reviews is Signal. DON’T use it. Don’t trust any anonymity app that wants to trace you through your phone number.

ChatSecure may be downloaded through Google Play. It encrypts your chats while you are communicating and then erases them. It transmits through the Tor network (Orbot on your phone) and records nothing on your phone’s drive. This manual will walk you through how to install and set it up. I prefer this method.

Conversations (Jabber/XMPP) can be downloaded through Google Play for $2.49. It is more user friendly which may make it preferable. If your friends won’t use a security app, it makes it worthless. You can also use OTR with Conversations which makes it a very nice option.

Please let me know if you have any questions, need help, or if you have anything to add to this guide.


Does being vegan make you an animal activist? Nope!

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

my own new york style pizza: sauteed tofurky italian sausage, green & orange peppers, daiya mozzerella, barilla spicy marina

I’ve spent some time learning how to cook in the recent past and I can make some really nice dishes. A friend from Israel showed me how to make homemade hummus and authentic Middle Eastern “vegetable balls.” I can make pizza or pumpkin pie. Sometimes I like my version of Macho Nachos with guacamole, salsa, crumbles, melted cheeze and chips. Of course there’s always fresh fruit and veggies in the house. And I kind of take pride in making very colorful salads, sometimes with chick*n strips. Doesn’t matter what I’m in the mood for. I know how to make a cruelty-free satisfying version. I am vegan. And proud of it. But that doesn’t mean I’m doing anything to help the animals…

Eating is not activism.

When I turn my focus toward freeing a given animal or identifying an abuser, I am obsessive in my determination to see my project through to completion. That is not what I’m doing at this point in time. I finally came to terms this morning with the fact that I am not an activist. An activist rescues and liberates animals, shuts down and sabotages abusers. Period. Everything in between is noise.

I’m only focused on building my network, reaching out through my blog, re-establishing myself on social media, getting ready to promote my soon-to-be published book. I want to ultimately be able to reach out from wherever I am and ensnare abusers. I’ve developed a lot of tools and strategies over the last decade that will allow me to do exactly that. But, first things first, get my own house in order, then post the address of theirs! 🙂 And I’m going to try my best to reach out to other vegans who really want to build a base of advocacy with me. Let’s go forward together strong, deliberate, and intelligently.

We all spend a lot of time online. And we all have to accept that, unless we’re using the Internet as a tool, we’re not helping the animals in this forum. My message for Animal Liberation is the same whether I’m on Facebook, in court, or in jail. I nearly got my ass kicked on several occasions behind bars for refusing to back down to meat-eating psychopaths. Two weeks before I was released last time, I was moved to segregation, Lt. Allatorre telling me that “the inmates are uncomfortable eating meat in front of you.” While I remain proud of myself, I did nothing to help the animals – not arguing with meat-eaters in jail, and certainly not doing it online from my sofa.

I am not an activist today. Let’s call it a hiatus. But if you’re vegan like me and you know you should be doing more, then we need to talk.