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BREAKING: Activists occupy future death camp; town threatens them with bulldozers

Activists set up Camp on March 9 and are in need of supplies to continue. To support our comrades, please donate through Paypal at: stopmacromatadero@gmail.com The largest pig slaughterhouse in Europe will become operational in Spain at the end of April unless enough international pressure and local grassroots disruptions shut it down. Activists set up…
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How Greystoke Commandos liberated baboons from vivisection dungeon

Translated by Armelle Demmerle Thirty-four years ago, a “commando” group named Greystoke, headed by Patrick Sacco, liberated 17 baboons from an animal testing laboratory in Gif-sur-Yvette, France. (The primates then are used for epilepsy research.) Sacco, a professor of mathematics, and his team, observed every movement in those labs for four months. Activists compiled the…
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A Message from Friends of the Monkey Struggle in Israel

Please write to anabelzamir73@gmail.com for info on making a donation. Dear Friends,   We need your help! Our dear friend and animal rights activist – Annabel Zamir – Founder and leader of “Monkey Struggle Israel” needs our immediate help and support. In the past years Annabel has led the struggle for freeing Mazor farm monkeys…
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Non-violence and other delusions inside a culture of death

“For me, nonviolence was not a moral principle but a strategy; there is no moral goodness in using an ineffective weapon.” -Nelson Mandela Camille A. Marino April 24, 2018 Not surprisingly, as ethical vegans we are largely guided by our ethics; almost imprisoned in our own little box of moralizing while strategy and effectiveness pound…
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