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activist, author, former political prisoner

The Snitch, Bullying, and Gossip Culture in Animal Liberation

by Camille Marino January 27, 2016 “Hey, guess who Alice fucked the other night!” “Who? You know she’s always on Facebook flirting with men. Posting pics of her tattoos just to show off her boobs.” “I know. She thinks she’s so hot. Well I heard that after the potluck on Tuesday she left with Joe.…
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What every activist needs to know in case of an arrest

CamilleMarino.com July 17, 2017 The first time I walked into general population, I was befriended by a young girl called “Snook.” She was back in jail on a probation violation. She said to me that she would never take probation again, “Just put me in prison for a year and let me get it over…
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