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activist, author, former political prisoner

Redefining Justice

CamilleMarino.com July 27, 2017 Mirriam-Webster defines “justice” as “the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.” In fact, I couldn’t find a single definition that did not refer to the root word itself. It seems that this word should…
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To those responsible for animal suffering

  For two years I’ve had to sit on my anger, sit back in my own restraints, and just watch the animals die. I had to swallow my own feelings, knowing that it was other vegans — not just one — but a concerted effort of welfarists, collaborators, and cultists who worked tirelessly to silence…
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An Apology

Dear Animals To all of you everywhere – you who walk, crawl, fly and swim. I’m sorry that you have to share this planet earth with humans. I apologize for the pain you endure at the hands of those humans who are cruel to you. And I apologize for the pain you endure at the…
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The Equalizers, a short story

Declyn James paced the floor of their loft purposefully, understanding that the introduction of new ideas would always be met with resistance. It takes more time for some concepts to be digested and then accepted as self evident than others. And even within their anonymous cell, known publicly only as The Equalizers, her anticipated escalation…
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Tools to Bypass the USDA Animal Abuse Database Deletion

When the USDA took its animal abuse database offline in February, some activists were concerned that they would be unable to adequately research their campaigns. The deleted info is still public, however; the state is simply making it more difficult for us to obtain. I’m guessing that, aside from the big welfare orgs, not many…
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Beef farmer regrets killing animals: turns vegan & liberates cows

by Tanveer Mann Courtesy of metro.uk Jay Wilde, 59, moved his herd of 63 cattle to the sanctuary more than 150 miles from his farm in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, as he could not bear to see them killed. The 59-year-old organic farmer felt so guilty taking his cattle to slaughter that he completely changed his business,…
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Does being vegan make you an animal activist? Nope!

I’ve spent some time learning how to cook in the recent past and I can make some really nice dishes. A friend from Israel showed me how to make homemade hummus and authentic Middle Eastern “vegetable balls.” I can make pizza or pumpkin pie. Sometimes I like my version of Macho Nachos with guacamole, salsa,…
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The Snitch, Bullying, and Gossip Culture in Animal Liberation

by Camille Marino January 27, 2016 “Hey, guess who Alice fucked the other night!” “Who? You know she’s always on Facebook flirting with men. Posting pics of her tattoos just to show off her boobs.” “I know. She thinks she’s so hot. Well I heard that after the potluck on Tuesday she left with Joe.…
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What every activist needs to know in case of an arrest

CamilleMarino.com July 17, 2017 The first time I walked into general population, I was befriended by a young girl called “Snook.” She was back in jail on a probation violation. She said to me that she would never take probation again, “Just put me in prison for a year and let me get it over…
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