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Walter Bond is in solitary confinement

Friday, November 17th, 2017

I learned last night that Walter Bond was in solitary. It’s now been posted on his Facebook Page by his support staff so it’s official.

His support site is down so it appears the most current information will be published here and I will update on my site as information becomes available.

We know that Walter specifically asked for two things:

1- CALL THE PRISON: it’s very doable for each of us to make two calls a day (Dial 1-618-664-6200) and inquire about his health and well-being. Some people were successful in getting through yesterday. They need to know that we all have his back.

2- SOLIDARITY ACTIONS: Clearly, any liberations or underground actions taken in Walter’s name right now would provide much needed exposure and encouragement.

*Eleventh Hour for Animals has established a Facebook page for solidarity actions while Walter is on his hunger strike to facilitate above ground organization and protests. I think we should focus on getting some publicity for his cause.

*And Animal Liberation Prisoner Support in Toronto has created a call-in action for Monday. Please join this event as well.

Thanks to everyone. I am glad we can all organize ourselves to support our brother in Animal Liberation, Walter Bond.

From his official page:


Ellen Ericksen – abusers really wish she would just be quiet!

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Those who actively abuse animals or benefit from their enslavement want to ignore us. And, clearly, Ellen Ericksen makes that impossible. This article almost screams “Why doesn’t she just shut up?” And I think it outlines a brilliant example for any activist fighting against the injustice that permeates our society. Never relent. Never be silent. Know that wherever you are, you may be the only person speaking for the oppressed. What I love most about Ellen is that she’s a Lone Wolf — following her own conscience to the exclusion of all else. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a few comments in brackets to help out Erik Davis who seems a bit confused sometimes. -Camille

Ellen is the leader of the anti-SeaWorld movement in San Diego.

Courtesy of Erik Davis (Awesome Ocean)

Want to get to know who’s behind the protest at SeaWorld San Diego each week? Want to know who will say anything to convince you of her crusade?

Meet Ellen from San Diego. If you live in the area, you may recognize her from TV. She has perfected screaming in righteous indignation. She has the all important bull horn – a staple in the activist tool bag. She’s the leader of the protests in front of SeaWorld San Diego.

She’ll do anything to force her world view on you.

Why would someone engage in that kind of activity? The better question is, why would you follow this person?

While sympathizing with Ellen in the wake of viewing the movie Blackfish may seem easy, the truth behind her activism may prompt more regular people to reconsider her version of the truth.


ALF Prisoner Walter Bond on Hunger Strike

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Walter Bond has endured excessively harsh and punitive treatment inside the prison-industrial complex since he was first arrested in 2010. He has now begun a hunger strike and it is incumbent upon every Animal Liberation activist to support him, call the prison, and plan your own solidarity actions on his behalf.

An Eleventh Hour for Animals Facebook Event has been organized to help facilitate worldwide solidarity actions. Call the prison at (618) 664-6200 now!

His message has been republished by NIO on YouTube and the transcription follows below:


How “Love & Peace” Kills Animals

Monday, November 13th, 2017

“Species membership is not a valid reason to place anyone outside the circle of moral compassion or beyond the reach of effective defense.”

~Lindy Greene

“The time for civil discourse has expired.” ~Camille Marino

by Lindy Greene & Camille Marino

Globalization is predicated upon slave labor. Both animate and inanimate resources are expended to the point of exhaustion in pursuit of profit. The planet is being plundered to serve the self-anointed “superior species.” And it remains abundantly clear that our current course is unsustainable. Feeding and lubing the machinery of the entire system are the misery and blood of its vast nonhuman slave force. We were taught twenty centuries ago the myopic and destructive view that the other species with whom we share the Earth evolved for the sheer and sole purpose of serving us and that such servitude is the birthright of the privileged “master race.” Whether it’s factory farming contributing 37% of methane gases to global warming according to the UN or the federally-funded animal experimentation industry, it is extremely difficult to find any segment of the economy that does not commoditize and exploit members of other species for entertainment, sport, fashion, food, or testing. Subverting the integral animal economy is vital if we will ever free ourselves from the entrenched teamwork of corporate overlords and unprincipled governments.

The marriage of corporation and state, Mussolini’s definition of fascism, is epitomized by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – a group of corporate lobbyists and elected officials who serve big business profiteers. ALEC is the engine running the multi-billion-dollar prison / industrial complex. It’s single-minded mission in that endeavor is to maximize profits by keeping citizens jailed, on parole or probation, and otherwise inextricably ensnared in the judicial system. And ALEC is also the author of the federal 2007 Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, the language of which conveys that any animal rights activist who affects the profits of an animal industry can be prosecuted for terrorism. Thus, any effective activist may be a terrorist by statute. And, at the state level, we see political free speech consistently reframed by the courts as terrorism with the speakers charged as stalkers. (By the way, there are actual laws on the books declaring “edgy speech” to be just “political hyperbole” and perfectly legal. Those same books also state that First Amendment activity does not fall under the legal definition of “stalking.” But judges apply (or fail to apply) laws as they see fit. It costs thousands of dollars to file motions, which are almost universally denied, for review of their decisions.) And, according to the New York Times, ALEC is behind the state legislatures’ trend to make photographing industrial animal abuse a crime (“ag-gag” laws). Let this penetrate: Animal abuse is not only protected, but exposing it is prosecutable. (Such punitive measures are not new. Anyone caught in the antebellum South helping Black slaves to escape from the plantations risked hanging.)


Review of “White God”

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Spending a quiet Saturday night at home with my dogs, I asked for suggestions about something to watch on Netflix. And when an accomplished film producer recommended the award-winning White God, I was curious to explore what’s been called “a beautiful metaphor for the political and cultural tensions sweeping contemporary Europe.” What I found, however, was a story that encapsulated the intrinsic and universal human supremacy at the foundation of civilized society as well as the response it demands in the form of organized revolution.


Exposure is our most lethal weapon

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Camille Marino
November 7, 2017

Despite the fact that I’ve never set foot in the state of North Carolina, I was just trespassed from my fourth university – NCSU.

Let’s understand exactly what this piece of paper means: VIVISECTORS FEAR EXPOSURE! It is the most lethal weapon we possess if we are ever going to end their reign of terror and tyranny. And I am very encouraged by my like-minded colleagues who used the readily-available public information about vivisection student Stephanie Cone, republished on this site, and exploited it to make the animals heard. Clearly, you succeeded! She not only ran to mommy and daddy, but to the police too. And I thank you for that.

After all, her victims have no one to run to. We’re it. And if it were up to the vivisectors, we would just continue to sign petitions and ask them nicely to please reconsider. Fuck that!


the art of guerrilla activism

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

“Don’t confuse rebellion with terrorism.”

Image result for guerrilla warfare

Camille Marino
November 4, 2017

Traditional guerrilla warfare is a strategy. It is where a small group of combatants employs irregular tactics in an effort to effectively combat a larger, well-equipped military. When the US invaded Viet Nam, the northern villagers were unable to fight toe to toe with our armies. To skew the odds a bit, they might send a child into American camps to gain the trust of the soldiers at which point a bomb would be detonated. When the US invades and occupies oil-rich lands in the Middle East,  improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are commonly used — roadside bombs — to disrupt military caravans, injure and kill Americans, in response to our drones and carpet bombs that indiscriminately wipe out high-value targets and civilian families alike. War is ugly. And guerrilla warfare is a response to well-funded and well-equipped imperialist government forces.

Is the war being waged by humans on every other species so different? Inside labs and factory farms, nonhuman animals are under siege, being mutilated and murdered by the billions annually; the numbers are so astronomical that they defy our ability to truly grasp the magnitude of death and suffering. And what can we possibly do against the state-sponsored, state-enforced, and state-protected savagery being visited upon our nonhuman cousins? We will never win in courtrooms. We will never win in the media. And we will never win wasting our time talking and debating with those who hold all the power — those to whom our protestations are impotent and laughable.


Semantic Subterfuge – an AL perspective on the Las Vegas Massacre

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Camille Marino
October 3, 2017

On Sunday night, a 64-year old white male named Stephen Paddock opened fire at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The current human wreckage stands at 59 people dead and another 527 injured. We know that Paddock was a retired accountant with no criminal record, a licensed pilot, and pictures of him at an anti-Trump rally suggest he was not a right-wing fascist. There is no known motive for what the media is universally labeling “the worst mass shooting in American history.”


Our job is to send them to hell

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

edythe london

camille marino
september 27, 2017

Aside from saving animals, collectively and individually, we have one job – to send those who profit from animal abuse to a hell of their own, something akin to the hell in which they’ve entombed animals on earth.

The holocaust is so omnipresent and pervasive, that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Especially if we are isolated by location or ideology, don’t have a group with which to work or a support system, what can one person really do? Whenever a problem is too big, the only way in which to tackle it is to break it down into smaller, manageable parts that will incrementally bring us closer to our ultimate goal. The simple fact is that if every “one person” throws their hands in the air and embraces impotence, the answer is that we will accomplish nothing. However, if every “one person” commits to doing something every single day, then, cumulatively, all of those individuals will change the world. Together, we can stop abusers. If we stop abusers, then we have liberated untold numbers of their nonhuman victims.


A blueprint for effective activism and winning

Sunday, September 24th, 2017


There are two big issues that are preventing us, animal liberation activists, from being as effective as we can be right now.

First, we lack coordination, especially here in the United States. We go and protest a restaurant once and never go back. We go and leaflet outside a target and never go back. We smash windows at a fur store and never return. We take down a hunting tower but do nothing when it is rebuilt. This accomplishes very little. It costs the target a few hundred dollars. That is nothing to them. They (or their insurance company) pay for the repairs and continue on killing as if nothing happened. It makes people who see the protest consider what we are protesting for a minute then move on with their lives and forget about it when they never see us again.