Eleventh Hour for Animals is Shutting Down

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The Decade in Review

Camille Marino
April 15, 2019

I founded Negotiation Is Over (NIO) in 2009. It was a website that galvanized our own community of radical and militant activists who were prepared to risk their own comfort in pursuit of Animal Liberation. Eleventh Hour for Animals was the local chapter of NIO that was formed specifically to subvert the vivisection industry inside the University of Florida. We never wanted to discuss animal torture unless we were prepared to identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable. We enjoyed tremendous success forcing vivisectors into hiding, compelling them to live under 24-hour protection, or inspiring them to fear for their loved ones, never knowing who we were or where we might be lurking.

Inside the University of Florida’s vivisection labs, they tightened up security to such an extent that no more than 5 people were allowed inside their labs at any one time, only with rigid identification protocols in place, and they still couldn’t trust each other never knowing who on the inside was leaking information — floor plans, personal information, schedules. We employed every tactic available including home visits and demos, protests, petitions, lawsuits, and after bitter legal standoffs even set a precedent for the animals in this state. By late 2013, those monkey labs had become a significant liability to the war criminals and they began to phase them out, shutting down permanently in late 2016. I remain proud of what we accomplished, but regret that we were not able to turn our attention to the dogs who continue to die horrific deaths inside UF. This condition is not a function of will so much as circumstance.

In addition to galvanizing radical and militant activists, we also attracted a lot of armchair generals, blowhards, and pathetic characters who never left their mothers’ basements. While many of us were busy throwing our bodies on the front lines and to hell with consequences, the impotent among us enjoyed the association. The more effective we became, the more the repression apparatus was employed to stop us. The posers not only ran but joined the enemy to take us down — to take me down. The only thing any of them did was cement their legacy for posterity as quislings, cowards, and collaborators. I’ve survived, adapted, and have never wavered from the struggle a single iota. The betrayals and implosions didn’t harm me; they did, however, provide aid and comfort to the enemy that is evident today in the animals they continue to torture to death with impunity — courtesy of animal rights welfarists and traitors.

Additionally, almost weekly, someone will tag me or email me about a new petition being circulated to complain about dog-murdering degenerate Donal O’Leary. I’ve always maintained that welfare orgs are in the business of collecting donations, not stopping abusers. But why TF is anyone telling me? While I was in jail in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 — after every single activist on every continent knew his name and denounced his crimes, after I defied his insidious restraining order and the unjust laws that he thought would protect him, after you all had your opportunity to stand up and follow me onto the front lines but chose to run — why do you care now? While NIO had parallel campaigns across states and continents, none were more aggressive than our efforts in Florida and Michigan, only a handful of colleagues remained unafraid and focused, prepared to do what was necessary. So while I was locked away and Karen Kline was out here trying desperately to keep activists focused and keep abusers under a microscope, with very few exceptions, where was everyone? Playing games on Facebook I suspect.

NIO/Eleventh Hour for Animals has spent the last decade trying to take the struggle to a new level of confrontation, intolerance, and non-negotiation for animal abuse. All those things are easy to mimic on Facebook, but require a bit more selflessness and dedication to adapt to real life. Candles have no place in a liberation struggle unless they’re used to light the wick of a well-aimed malotov; I want no part of a movement that encourages holding candles and chanting for peace as a tactic. If a human child were locked in a cage, their skull cap sawed off, and their brain responses measured as they were electrocuted, there would be no debate about the perpetrator needing to be eliminated — by any means necessary — to protect their current and future victims. The climate in the states which has been co-opted and moderated by speciesists — welfarists and pacifists — is not conducive to effecting change, only to collecting donations. We’ve even seen some fairly successful efforts to brand and monetize “direct action” itself FFS. The animals are not a tool for self-promotion; those victims are the only reason we’re here and the struggle itself is the reward of the revolutionary… not so much capitalists and demagogues.

I am inspired by my colleagues in Australia. They’ve recently taken to the streets and put animal abusers on notice, storming factory farms, liberating animals, and chaining themselves to the machine. We can see by the hysterical reactions of abusers calling for every piece of the repression apparatus to crush these activists that they have become a genuine threat. This is called effectiveness. I hope my comrades in Australia can take a lesson from the failures of American activists. The problem is not that a few front line actors will be arrested; they expect it. But now it is the job of next waves of Australian activists to continue to take their place. You are so close to ripping Animal Liberation from the grip of the oppressors if you will simply not stop now. The state and every industrial abuser is screaming to you that what you’re doing is working — please listen and go forward triumphantly.

In sum, because of a simple convergence of factors, Eleventh Hour for Animals can not go forward to effectively hold the guilty accountable. The most we can do is expose their war crimes and contribute to the never-ending stream of atrocities of the day without any challenge. It’s called whining and it is the accepted mainstream standard to which I will never succumb. So in shutting down the Eleventh Hour for Animals website in about a week, I am bringing a successful decade of struggle to a close. I can only hope that our minor contributions to Animal Liberation have saved a few animals, stopped a few abusers, and demonstrated what’s possible. If Facebook goes offline and you cease being an activist, then the real problem isn’t Facebook. The only thing we should ever fear is not doing enough.

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  1. Pedro Gonzales says:

    Thanks for the wise words. Still, I didn’t understand the reason for the shut down…

    • admin says:

      Hey Pedro,

      I guess the short answer is that I’d rather sit it out for a while than to demonstrate impotence; and I’m afraid that’s the only thing to which this climate is conducive at this moment.

      On a personal level, however, growth demands letting go of the past in order to embrace the future. Every effort I’ve made to reinvigorate the UF initiative felt like trying to ride a bicycle with no tires. Without the weight of carrying an obsolete campaign, I’m free to try to infuse our community with some radical and militant strategies and, perhaps, some controversial tactics.

      Effective struggle demands we not allow ourselves to stagnate and the animals deserve nothing less.

  2. Louise says:

    Politicians protect exploitation and cruelty to animals due to powerful lobbyists such as pharmaceutical and meat industry corporations. In fact the majority of antibiotics are sold for the meat industry; a small portion are actually treated for human diseases. And people blame nurses and doctors for spreading resistant organisms due to inadequate hand washing yet the raw meat teams with powerful superbugs. It is more likely to find a man who walks on water than to have a president or politician that is honest & not self serving..they all follow the MONEY.

    • admin says:

      The conventional food system makes progress sick and the big pharma makes their money treating the symptoms. A marriage made im hell

      • Louise says:

        ALthough there is a movement to restrict antibiotics as growth stimulants, truth is factory farm animals are chronically stressed and abused living in the worst imaginable filth, so they are chronically sick…so they GET the antibiotics anyway in a round about way. The issue of resistance is ignored, and both the meat industry ($1.02 trillion a year industry in USA) and pharmaceuticals (over a trillion a year) make a killing…both animals and ultimately humans suffer because antibiotics won’t work anymore. But humans deserve it. Animals don’t. As it stands, virtually all factory farm animals are sent to slaughter sick and septic.

  3. Louise says:

    Most meat industry animals are chronically sick due to appalling filth and abuse they are forced to live through… so restricting antibiotics for “illnesses only” is only a beguilement to skirt the issue…yet factor farming animals is only one tiny aspect of animal cruelty and exploitation which includes scientific research. People are supposed to die — bypassing this issue caused the world to overpopulate and is dying of pollution.

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