BREAKING: Activists occupy future death camp; town threatens them with bulldozers

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Activists set up Camp on March 9 and are in need of supplies to continue. To support our comrades, please donate through Paypal at: stopmacromatadero@gmail.com

The largest pig slaughterhouse in Europe will become operational in Spain at the end of April unless enough international pressure and local grassroots disruptions shut it down. Activists set up camp on March 9 and have been relentless in their efforts to occupy and block any progress by the death camp. The town is now threatening to bulldoze the encampments. We must rally and support our comrades now.

The location of this death chamber is not an accident. In addition to the 30,000 pigs that will die horrific deaths every single day, the site will pollute the land and destroy the quality of life for the residents of Binéfar. If you are in Europe, please join the camps, blockades, and protests. Internationally, please join their Facebook page, sign the petition, continue to share, tweet, exert pressure, and join the struggle.


MANIFESTO: In Binéfar, Huesca (Spain), what will be the biggest slaughterhouse in Europe, will open at the end of April. 15.000.000€ of Spanish tax payers money has been invested in taking the lives of 30.000 animals daily, terminated violently by the insatiable greed for profits of an industry based on the consumption of mutilated bodies. A consumption that is:

  • CRUEL, in front of the alarming evidence that we are speaking of beings as capable of feeling pain, fear and sadness in the same mesure as those animals we name ‘pets’ and consider members of our families;
  • UNNECESSARY, knowing the position of the most important nutrition and diet asociations of the world, that confirm that meat doesn’t posess any nutrient that isn’t available in plants;
  • UNHEALTHY, as the numerous growing studies point out a direct asociation between meat consumption and heart diseases, hipertension, type 2 diabetes and different types of cancer;
  • UNSUSTAINABLE, due to the massive enviromental impact, from the intensive farms, to the slaughterhouses, the massive energy consumption, potable water misused, and the contamination of the atmosphere, the soil and the water.

What about the potential jobs that the slaughterhouse will create? Maybe, before this question, we should ask ourselves what the consequences are of working in a space of such physical and psychological distress. These are only a few of the consequences that have been pointed out by many studies:

  • Bad cuts and physical injuries.
  • Anxiety, depression, dissociation and paranoia, Post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • Uprising of criminality, domestic violence, abuse of alcohol and drugs.

By no means may we justify this true holocaust, that does not only attempt against the right to life of beings that are conscious and capable of feeling, but also puts our personal health, that of our communities and that of nature, in danger. Unite your voice to ours! We need you. They need you.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The slaughterhouse in Binéfar, opening at the end of April, will be the biggest slaughterhouse in Europe, with the capacity of killing 30.000 animals a day, producing a death every 3 seconds, and 7,590.000 deaths a year. The lifetime C02 emissions of just one pig equate to 2,4 kilos, which means that each day this monstrosity will produce 72.000 kilos of C02 from the pigs they plan on assassinating, which, annually, would translate to 18.216.000 kilos. INSANE!

As for the water consumption, it will use 1,265.000m3 a year, which would equate to 1.518.000m3 of residual water. This does not only affect Spain, because they will not all be consumed here. They will be exported throughout Europe, including Asia. Activists have been camping outside the camp now for two weeks, but we need more and more people to keep arriving, we need to unite and fight together. We are calling all the antispeciesist and animalist groups, to occupy the camping zone, and to organise actions constantly with the aim of stopping the opening, build up pressure, etc.

The more we are, the more persuasive our actions will be. Vigils, cubes, demonstrations, blockages, etc. We also have to sum that there are more slaughterhouses in the region, and the number could rise to 40.000 victims a day in the whole village. There are hardly any police, therefore they don’t expect and are neither equipped to control a big mass of people, any they would need reinforcements from other zones of Aragon. This would also mean that we would get a big media widespread. And the story would hopefully start to expand though the media, which would give a lot of visibility to the antispeciest fight to the rest of the country, Europe, etc. As we have already seen what a Meat The Victims can do. Imagine a camp with people from different parts of Europe. As we know that social media is not safe, it is better for us to organize ourselves within the camp, always by assembly and taking everybody into consideration. The zone is plagued with farm exploitation, we could organize save actions constantly.

WHAT WE CAN DO AT THE CAMP: The 5th and 6th of May there is festival in Binefar. We can make speeches, give out pamphlets. Send pamphlets through mailboxes. There will be chats and talks, trying to involve people from the community and also outsiders and other vegans/activists.

On the 5th in Barcelona there is a big march against the slaughterhouse. We could possibly get media coverage. Chalkivism, put up posters and stickers.. Cubes, vigils, earthlings…

We are open to all ideas and mindsets. We will always gather around in assembly to discuss proposals, respecting everybody’s right to express themselves.

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