Month: April 2019

activist, author, former political prisoner

Eleventh Hour for Animals is Shutting Down

The Decade in Review Camille Marino April 15, 2019 I founded Negotiation Is Over (NIO) in 2009. It was a website that galvanized our own community of radical and militant activists who were prepared to risk their own comfort in pursuit of Animal Liberation. Eleventh Hour for Animals was the local chapter of NIO that…
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BREAKING: Activists occupy future death camp; town threatens them with bulldozers

Activists set up Camp on March 9 and are in need of supplies to continue. To support our comrades, please donate through Paypal at: stopmacromatadero@gmail.com The largest pig slaughterhouse in Europe will become operational in Spain at the end of April unless enough international pressure and local grassroots disruptions shut it down. Activists set up…
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