The enemy is us

activist, author, former political prisoner

by Paul Pinfield

~ I’m beset with the desire to express strongly felt beliefs and feelings relating to veganism, Animals, the human condition and life in general, but lacking the infrastructure, I am currently frustrated at not being able to do so, or to counter, or share with others, views on these topics.

So, given to reflection on this and how one might be effective in making some small difference, I’ve been thinking what new or original device could be employed, or avenue pursued to this end. But I find myself going round in circles.

The more you look at the problems inherent in the currently prevailing human mindset, attitudes to other similarly sensate creatures, oppressive governance, the overreaching power of pan-national corporations and the banks, the cynical tyranny of social media and, worst of all, our ready propensity to be duped into ever greater subjugation, the more futile any effort to combat it all seems.

Over time, the circles thus described close in, spinning faster, and look headed for some black hole of ultimate resignation and capitulation.

This must not be! The associated apathy just mirrors that which is at the root of the problem itself.

Obscured, lurking in the lowering light as we draw ever nearer to the hole’s centre is the notion that humans are in fact not very nice.

This is not to say that we are inherently evil. I don’t subscribe to what I see as the self serving get-out-of-jail-free card that plays genetics as the culprit for so many ills of which it is not the cause. I think it counterintuitive to consider the new born human infant as intrinsically bad. Badness has been thrust upon us by unhealthy regimen employed to control the unwieldy masses.

Evolution has brought us to here, but at this late stage, as gravity sucks us into an eternal darkness from which nothing can escape, only Revolution can bring change. The circle must be broken, and every second we prevaricate in attempting to bring this about brings us closer to the vortex.

The enemy is us. Overpopulation brings oppressive, fear based mechanisms of social control and the cycle of tethering, followed by embryonic kicking at the traces, rapidly pursued by further restraint, is what must be broken. Whilst we are basking in a delusional state of grace, plying our trade of veganism, spirituality or whatever on Facebook, always contained by cynical, profit oriented algorithms within the comfort zone of the like minded, endlessly preaching to the illusion of a burgeoning choir, we draw ever closer to an event horizon that will catapult us into apocalyptic suffering.

Sea change by Social Revolution is the only course left open to us.

While we frivolously gratify our egos by sustaining the bogus personae we adopt on social media, however scrupulously we may try to avoid doing so.. whilst we are effectively pissing up a rope.. time’s a ‘wastin’.

The game is that there is a deliberate attempt to us keep in ignorance and in this state one has no reason not to tow the line, but when awareness eventually dawns the problem is so overwhelming that the tendency is to opt for an easy life and go with the flow.. so, to tow the line as before.

The problems we face are too numerous and too complex to be addressed piecemeal. We have to strike at the heart of it and say No More!

Tell the checkout girl she’s rude.. refuse to pay taxes to dishonest local authorities.. stop the vivisector getting to work.. stop voting.. stop buying stuff you don’t need.. stop seeking distraction.. fix it, don’t buy new.. walk.. stop measuring Importance by how it affects just you. And stop hurting those who suffer just like you do.

Remember, the Nature you depend on for sustenance is the same Nature that relies on your protection for its own survival. Do you really think you can abuse it wholesale, and ride roughshod over all our inter-dependancies and have nothing ever bite back?

Extinctions of unprecedented levels due to human activity, a holocaust of Animal suffering of unimaginable proportion, corporate greed and human inertia conspiring to destroy the natural environment, sucking the water out of the land and the life blood out of existence..

Whilst we parade our vanities in the glow of the footlights, Armageddon waits impatiently in the wings.


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