Urgent: Call-In Action for Vegan Anarchist Political Prisoner Eric King

activist, author, former political prisoner

Eric and his wife, Clara, visiting through prison glass

Eric King is a vegan anarchist prisoner of war who’s been beaten, tortured, and practically buried alive — locked in an underground isolation cell with a small window that lets him see grass growing at eye level. He’s been enduring this solitary confinement for over 140 days now. His civil rights have been trampled, they’ve ignored any attempts to acknowledge or respond to grievances, and his wife reports that the FBI refuses to look into the case citing “misconduct.” Essentially, then, unless a dissenter apologizes, grovels, and begs for mercy, the system is in place to abuse, punish, and break them by any means necessary.

The Bureau of Prison’s latest act of retaliatory punishment was to prevent Eric’s ability to speak to his wife — illegally blocking her number and cutting off access to his support team! It is anticipated that he will eventually be sent to the Communications Management Unit (CMU) — a draconian prison within the prison system that houses those deemed “terrorists” (i.e., Muslims, Animal- & Eco-activists, and Anarchists). More troubling is that Clara reports that “we have reasons to believe he began a hunger strike yesterday.” She wrote that on Saturday, 1/12, which means Eric may be into the 4th day of a hunger strike.


Use this sample message from Eric’s support site:

Hi I am calling about Eric King, #27090045 to demand that his phone restriction be lifted. It is unacceptable to take away a prisoner’s calls to his wife and family without any notice and without him being brought up on any charges. We demand that Eric is provided with proof that proper procedure was followed and that his two month old grievance on the issue is addressed. Restrictions on his communication with his spouse needs to be lifted immediately”

USP Leavenworth

Call:: 913-682-8700
Email: LVN/ExecAssistant@bop.gov

BOP North Central Regional Office

Call: 913-621-3939 (Ask for Director Jeffrey Krueger. If denied ask to speak with his assistant. If denied again, demand the person answering the phone take down a message.)
Email: NCRO/ExecAssistant@bop.gov

FCI Florence

Call: 719-784-9100 (Ask for the warden/assistant warden, the legal department, Counselor Quintana, Counselor Rivera. If denied demand the person answering the phone take down a message.)
Email: FLF/ExecAssistant@bop.gov

Federal Bureau of Prisons: (202) 307-3198


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  1. Christopher Evans says:

    Emails sent and shared!

  2. Betsy Graber says:

    Approaching Hip Surgery is keeping me from being more active.

    • admin says:

      i hope you’re recovering and feeling better. our first commitment must always be to take care of ourselves or we won’t ever be able to do what’s necessary or care for anyone else.

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