“Animal terrorist” exposes animal torture and corruption inside UF

activist, author, former political prisoner

yes, i had hair when i began my career as a domestic terrorist 😛

Camille Marino
January 9, 2019

On February 4, 2012, I was arrested for the first time in my life at a demonstration on the University of Florida campus. Several weeks earlier, I had won my first lawsuit against them, blowing the doors open to the labs inside which they earned hundreds of millions of dollars torturing monkeys. Thereafter, they had me repeatedly arrested and extradited out of the state. I continued to sue them from inside jail, protest their animal abuse industry in the streets, and mobilize campaigns at the homes and churches of their abusers. It was a contentious association and we were both unyielding in our goals: my mission was to expose this sadistic profit center and shut it down; their mandate was to shut me down.

Seven years ago today, the Gainesville Sun published an article which quoted UF spokesperson, Janine Sikes, and me discussing their monkey torture industry:

“They could not do what they do if they didn’t do it behind a wall of secrecy,” Marino said. “This is about tearing down that wall.”

“This is no longer a free-speech issue. She’s an animal terrorist,” Sikes said of Marino.

Having obliterated their peace of mind and anonymity, we succeeded in creating the detriments that made it a liability for their vivisectors to continue. In 2016, while I was in jail once again, the University of Florida closed down their monkey torture lab for good. We won. An interesting footnote is that, while I was repeatedly defamed and caged, Janine Sikes was subsequently given an extended leave of absence for corruption and embezzlement. Shocking!, isn’t it, that those advocating animal torture for profit are bereft of honesty and integrity!

On November 13, 2018, I returned to the University of Florida to speak to an environmental justice class about their animal experimentation business, the fantastic lengths to which they have gone to silence me, and about what it means to be an animal terrorist or stalker in the age of the Green Scare. For me, this was an extraordinary act of having come full circle: rather than standing outside the school with signs trying to shut down the monkey labs, I was speaking inside this institution about exactly what it took to make it happen!

In the immediate future, I will be speaking in scattered universities about the real horror to which animals are subjected in “research” labs and the inherent corruption that allows it to continue. My real passion, however, is to speak directly to activists — impart the tactics, tools, strategies, theories, and their application — and galvanize a new crop of warriors intent upon realizing Animal Liberation. We are fighting a war against powerful and malicious enemies. It is our job to arm ourselves with the tools and knowledge that will even up our odds and make us the true threat to all who dare to cage, harm, or exploit our nonhuman brethren. I may be reached at camilleamarino@gmail.com or through encrypted channels.


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  1. Deb Miller says:

    These incredibly heartless acts of torture and abuse are so unnecessary in this day and age! It’s got to stop Now! I will continue for the rest of my life to fight for these Precious Innocent Creatures!

    • admin says:

      I share your outrage and commitment, Deb. We’re still trying to recruit a “dependable” group of activists here to fight for the dogs and can use all the support we can get.

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