A Message from Friends of the Monkey Struggle in Israel

activist, author, former political prisoner

Please write to anabelzamir73@gmail.com for info on making a donation.

Dear Friends,
We need your help! Our dear friend and animal rights activist – Annabel Zamir – Founder and leader of “Monkey Struggle Israel” needs our immediate help and support. In the past years Annabel has led the struggle for freeing Mazor farm monkeys in Israel, to uncovering corruption and stopping monkey trafficking in Israel.

The effort lead by her eventually managed to stop all actions of trafficking and changed Israeli law which allows this injustice to be prevented on a politacal level before our citizens need to take charge themselves. As a repercussion, a movement, powered by ill-natured interests and individuals who made profit from the suffering of animals, they are constantly trying to silence her struggle and make her life a living hell.

One after the other, Annabel stood strong against these obstacles, yet one key player is still obsessively haunting, threatening and dragging Annabel to court. Annabel needs our help to continue fighting and give a voice for those who can’t ! Her legal nightmare is not over and will continue as long as she is still facing legal prosecutions and personal threats on a daily basis.



We are trying to raise funds to help her legal struggle which currently sums in $20,000.
We will not stand by and watch her fight them from a distance! We will not let them win! We will not let her be alone ! We will stand up and make a difference together!

In order to move forward and continue with this cause we need immediate funds to help her in court and so she can keep fighting for the truth.

Any amount will help.


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