Month: December 2018

activist, author, former political prisoner

Peace, love, and the ghosts of Christmas Past

Camille Marino December 24, 2018 When I was a child, I enjoyed the holidays. They gave all of our dysfunctional nuclear families a chance to gather together with the large Italian-American extended family where we shared generational quirks as well as warmth, love, and security. This is what the holidays are — a celebration of…
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Street Justice

Camille A. Marino December 21, 2018 The red paint on their faces mixed with sweat, dripping and congealing on their cheeks under the hot Florida sun. The angry screams and blood-like streaks marring their faces added an element of fury and urgency. Their chants were warlike. Their passion was real. And their stunned targets were…
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An open letter to new vegans

Camille Marino December 11, 2018 Dear New Vegan – Congratulations on taking this first step in your journey of conscience and responsibility. I’m sharing with you what I wish someone had shared with me 11 years ago. Too many of us had to learn the hard way and the animals simply don’t have time to…
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Review of “The Farm”- a horror movie

Now we’ll have to dispose of two, maybe three perfectly healthy adults – one that would’ve given us milk for at least a year. Do you know how much that costs? … how many times have I told you not to play with the food.” Innkeeper reprimands Andrew Camille A. Marino December 7, 2018 Except…
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