How to get your website unblocked on Facebook

activist, author, former political prisoner

Camille A. Marino
November 4, 2018

A very effective way to censor an individual or destroy their ability to network is to get their website banned from Facebook. Once your site is flagged, it’s over. There is no one to whom to write, no direct support line to call, and no way to contest their decision. If you’re not promoting criminal activity or doing anything overtly illegal and your website url has been blocked, what Community Standard was violated? It’s likely that you either posted your link in a lot of groups or sent it out in mass private messages and their algorithms banned it for spam. In my case, several of my posts were shared by others on their pages and I suspect that my adversaries then went and reported each of those for spam. Once it happens, what do you do?

I found two videos that promised to demonstrate a method of getting unblocked with 100% certainty. They didn’t. I found one person who said he was unblocked by paying Facebook. I was broke. I tried using a url shortener which didn’t work. And I found a ton of people who had been blocked for a year or more with no resolution. So I’m sharing how I got my site unblocked in under 2 weeks to put some solid information out there. I trust that this will work for others as well.

This post violates Community Standards

I received a notification one morning that my post had been removed for violating community standards and advising me to go to my Support Inbox. I didn’t even know I had a support inbox. Go to your settings and you’ll find it toward the bottom of the drop down list. I found the above screenshot that said I could request review. I found the post in question, clicked the “request review” link and it immediately came back Closed – This post violated community standards. Then they ask you to rate your experience. I chose dozens of grumpy faces and added my feedback about the process!

When I went to the actual post, I first learned that I was flagged for spam:

I clicked “It’s Not Spam” at the bottom and received an immediate notification that said something to the effect of “you told us your post was not spam. Thank you for your feedback. Closed.” Great! If I tried to post a link from my site, it would tell me that it couldn’t retrieve the url and when I hit post, I’d get an immediate notification telling me that no one could see my post but me because it violated community standards:

However, even though no one could see my posts, I could. I kept doing this once or twice a day and, every time I got the message in my support box, I’d find the post on my profile and hit “It’s Not Spam.” This was all on my personal profile.

After one week of being banned, I went to my author’s page and found the Ad Center. One of the options on this page is to “Promote Website.” So I chose that option, filled it all out with the link to this site, but never activated it. Rather, I sent feedback (again, there’s no place to contact anyone with support questions) explaining that I wouldn’t finish this ad or pay for it if they were going to keep my website url banned:

I don’t know if it was either of these steps or both of them combined that did the trick, but yesterday I found about 20 notifications in my Support Inbox advising me that they’ve restored my posts and that the issue has been resolved:

Hope that helps.


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