Take a Stand! by Félix Charron Leclerc

activist, author, former political prisoner

If saving lives is a crime, then call me a criminal.

by camille marino
september 16, 2018

This is maybe the most powerful rap I’ve heard in a long time; this new artist and his message need to go viral.  I’m looking forward to Félix Charron Leclerc’s upcoming YouTube channel: theotheractivists. In the meantime, you can post comments to his page or message him on Facebook.

He writes that this is the first time he’s showing his work publicly:

“It’s easy to debate on what to do with the life of an animal as a human. This is why I love working with perspective in my texts and putting myself in the animal’s shoes to explain their living conditions and what change Vegan activists are making in their life. The subject of this first song is animal testing, in this case on a rat.”



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  1. Deb Thompson says:

    Thank you Felix. I am often “turned off” by rap as it is frequently misogynistic and has gratuitous profanity and violence. Kudos to you for choosing to send a message through your music about the horrendous nature of animal experimentation. It’s all really happening and it is paid for by we the people whose taxes go to support these animal- torturing industries.

    • admin says:

      hi deb,

      i’m glad you enjoyed this video. i look forward to hearing more of Felix’s rap and will link when he puts up his own YouTube channel.

      i know exactly what you mean otherwise. i may be 2 decades late, but i only recently started listening to rap and eminem, in particular. i think he’s a genius in terms of rhyming. but some of his words take misogyny to a whole new level. so i was very encouraged to discover this tremendously-talented artist whose message needs to saturate our culture. i want to see him go viral.

      hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  2. Deb Thompson says:

    Thank you Camille for staying committed to the animals; your journey has definitely not been an easy one. You walk the talk, a rare commodity in our “ virtual reality “ world of today. All my rescue family members are hanging in there. We are all waiting for the “ climate change hoax” summer weather to get back to “ normal” . Hope you are well, you deserve it.
    Take care.

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