Dollars for Death

activist, author, former political prisoner

Camille A. Marino
May 23, 2018

Do we really want to end the unfathomable pain and suffering to which we subject nonhumans? Or do we all just want to enjoy a community with which we can commiserate while professional exploiters get rich? No, I’m not talking about vivisectors and agri-abusers, circuses and leather houses. I’m talking about the deeply-rooted crop of welfare organizations (many posing as Animal Liberation groups) that exist solely to enrich themselves.

But this is what we have — a community composed largely of hobbyists who deeply feel the animals’ pain and our own money-making networks that feed upon our desperation, collecting donations and accolades in the process, while doing nothing for the animals. How many more times do we need one of these groups to tell us about another atrocity, identify another experiment, broadcast their “investigation” into another breeder while passing around a collection plate. If any one of them was in the business of helping animals, we would see them focus their immense resources on shutting down concentration camps — by galvanizing their human resources and putting their own money behind an initiative to shut them down one by one. Because THIS is what activists do.

When our underground targets an abuser or frees an animal, these are isolated actions that, taken together, can serve to destabilize the infrastructure. And that is an acceptable model for anonymous underground operatives. This is not a model that should be accepted or tolerated from any group alleging to be in the struggle for animal rights.

When our rescue community goes out into the street, they’re digging in their own pockets, digging deep for everything of which they’re made to save lives. When grassroots actors target a community-based offender, we put our time, money, and energy behind a long-term dedicated effort. And no price is too high to win the freedom of the enslaved. Many of us have enjoyed success taking out a little piece here and there. But the sad fact is that we are far too few and far too poor to compete with all the forces in our own community working against us. Why? Because it’s a business for them. If the welfare orgs are not actively undermining aggressive grassroots campaigns, they’re diverting money and resources from our efforts to pad their own bank accounts instead.

But don’t worry. The animals are not going to stop dying any time soon. So there’ll always be another expose for PeTA or the HSUS or SAEN or DxE or the PCRM to dangle in front of us so we can dig in our pockets and give our money to them. Let’s not stop now. They’ve got it down to a science — a lucrative business model that never fails.

While the animals die!




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