Support imprisoned vegan anarchist on Hunger Strike

activist, author, former political prisoner

UPDATE (May 8, 2018) – Osman Ecvan’s demands have all been met and the hunger strike is over. Long live the resistance!

“I’m not afraid to die. Death is fearful of me.” -Osman Evcan

“Vegan inmate Osman Evcan is on 38th day of his hunger strike. Evcan’s lawyer, who visited Evcan in prison, has stated that 60-year-old Evcan has fallen to 54 kilos and his health condition is worsening. Evcan has been kept in one-person cell and his right to sports has been obstructed since he was sent to Silivri Prison two years ago. His lawyers expressed that Evcan doesn’t speak to anyone but guards, lawyers and visitors, and added that it is very difficult for his family living in Samsun to come to Silivri for visit.” (Continue reading from Bianet HERE.)

“He has supported the LGBT, Animal Liberation, women rights, anti imperialism struggles outside prison and he made hunger strikes to protest the animal massacre during each ‘feast of sacrifice’ every year for 3 days, he wrote articles to support nature, ethnic and different identities against government’s and comprador bourgeoisie’s raids and he still continues his political fight as much as he can from prison.” (Continue reading from Anarchist Black Cross HERE.)

Please Email Prison to Support Osman

This is more than a struggle to be allowed vegan food. It is literally a war to exist. Osman’s Facebook page reports that he has lost 10 pounds so far and is asking his supporters to:

Osman Evcan is a revolutionary whose struggle and dedication should inspire us all. He deserves all the support that every free vegan around the world can possibly provide, least of all an email to demand relief on behalf of our comrade.

You may read more about Osman Evcan, his hunger strikes, and dedicated actions HERE.


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