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Camille Marino
April 13, 2018

I lay my life bare in #uncensored. And while it may be personally liberating & empowering to be transparent — to own one’s truth — I was just a little apprehensive about how this memoir would be received outside of my immediate circle. The one comment that I’ve heard repeatedly in private discussions is that “once I picked it up, I couldn’t stop reading.” There are few things an author can hear that are more rewarding. Following are excerpts from the first few objective reviews from new readers. I want this book to show other activists what’s possible and where to start. And I hope my story will provide some strength to anyone struggling with challenges of their own. Negative or positive, I hope my audience will continue to offer their thoughts on Amazon & Goodreads. The only thing I seek from my readers is honesty.

From Amazon Germany:

uncensored: Inside the animal liberation movement by Camille A. Marino, speaks to the reader on many different levels: It is the inspiring tale of a woman who kept her integrity and even grew stronger in the face of incredibly adverse circumstances. It is an eye-opener for anyone who may harbor remnants of the illusion that the legal system is by and large fair, or that the state generally functions to protect its citizens’ rights and interests. It provides insight into the vivisection industry. And last, but by no means least, this book can also be read like a manual for effective activism.” -Nicole Huber (Read full review HERE.)

Also from Nicole Huber on Goodreads:

“The stories of individual victims and descriptions of torture methods she relays in her book are but a glimpse into a bottomless abyss of sadism and evil, but they are enough to leave the reader shaking with tears. Which leads to another very important aspect of the book. In it, Ms. Marino discusses her thoughts on animal liberation and how it can be achieved. And she provides us with the tried and tested examples of her own activism. So, while 2018 is still young, I can say with absolute certainty that this is one of most important books of the year.” Read full review HERE.

From Amazon in the US:

Amazon Customer:

“It’s an extraordinary book written by an extraordinary woman whose honesty and integrity shine through, illuminating a dark world of intrigue, personality cult and horror, but also unremitting generosity and kindness, even where you’d least expect to find it. I couldn’t put it down! Marino’s courage in adversity should inspire us all to go that extra yard, to take that one more step that costs us so little but that can mean life or death to another.” (Read full review HERE.)

Ingrid Swift:

“She shares with us things that most of us would probably go through great lengths to hide, even knowing that she may be opening herself to even more attacks by people who either don’t have a clue, or have a hidden agenda, or simply can not stand to see someone get over every obstacle thrown in their way and emerge even stronger and ready to continue to fight for what they believe in. Even in jail, she used her time to educate others and make a difference. She is awe inspiring and I hope her book will open many eyes and make people realize how important it is to stand up, not just for our own rights, but for the billions of innocent animals who day after day suffer unimaginable torture at the hand of so call scientists and the ‘humans’ who manage slaughter houses.” (Read full review HERE.)


“Camille is one of my favorite new authors.” (Read full review HERE.)



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