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Camille Marino
April 5, 2018

In my zeal to have everything run smoothly on my intended April 1 publication date, I made a ridiculous mess of the process. So while the Kindle version was up on time, the paperback is only finally available now. I apologize for the delay.

I’ve received very warm and encouraging feedback from several arenas. I expect a degree of opposition to this publication, and so those generous words are deeply appreciated. However, several people have expressed personal concern for me over a movement backlash — for naming names, for airing our dirty laundry. Well folks, our own dirty little secrets explain why we’ve not made nearly as much progress as urgency demands. So let’s get over it. As far as retaliatory criticism, there is nothing that can be said about me that’s not already been alleged. My one and only response to any and all of my critics resides HERE. For everyone else…

Unless given express permission, the identities of everyone with whom I’ve ever worked are protected. The only exception to this rule is that if I needed to cite public records, news articles, or other authority, those already-public identities are consistent in my memoir. And those with whom I was incarcerated gave me explicit permission to use their names as well.

Public figures are public figures. In the interest of relating a factual account, my rule of thumb was to adhere to facts.

Everyone else. To be clear, my allegiance is to the animals alone. I have a duty to identify industrial abusers who actively harm animals on their side of the fence, and I have zero compunction about identifying anyone on our side of the fence who advances their interests. Exploiters already know who works with them; so from whom are we keeping secrets — each other? I suspect that political arms of our community will question my judgment and frown upon my decision. But let’s understand that I frown upon politicians. I refuse to uphold a status quo that serves to preserve pockets of power, public image, and advance their interests alone.

Some of us — actual street activists, freedom fighters, organizers, and rescuers — are out here everyday working to liberate enslaved animals. We don’t enjoy the benefits bestowed upon Animal Liberation elites — those with clean hands — and when we incur the consequences of our activism, we do it alone. Politicians are not stepping out of their ivory towers when any one of us is tripped up. The status quo isn’t there to protect us or the animals. It largely exists to protect a patriarchy that enjoys a degree of influence. I sincerely want my memoir to begin to change this paradigm. Not a single one of us should ever feel like we need to protect friendships and a political image of Animal Liberation at the expense of the animals. And, yes, anything we do to protect individuals over truth is at the expense of the animals. THEY are the only individuals to whom any of us need defer.

Maybe if we as a community embraced truth over friendships and politics, it wouldn’t have taken so long for predators like Wayne Pacelle to be identified and expelled.


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