Excerpt from John Trudell’s “The Magic Valley”

activist, author, former political prisoner

February 15, 1946 – December 8, 2015

Excerpt of “The Magic Valley” from the Spoken Word Tour 1994

“Earth’s DNA holds genetic memory
Ancient spirit, sky, father sky
The magic valley, earth, mother earth
Childhood distances, hard to remember what was never to be forgotten
Predators stalk all living things
The death mask feeds on living essence
Feelings become fugitives
Emotions, cold aliiis
Unhurt, can’t hurt anymore
Raged ones, rise

Feeding the beast, all aggression is justified
And the beast grows
Flow of thought harnessed into mindsets, a damming
Diseased spirits, cannibals and vampires feast
Mining minds in civilized ritual
The religion of business and machine pay homage to technologic gods
At material altars, the mass prays a prayer of need and wanting more
The beast needs us to believe
Always to be remembered, free our minds
Free the reality

We drank from your well, still we’re thirsty
We tasted your promises, still we’re hungry
We saw your splendor, still it’s beyond us
We tried your love ways, still we’re confused
We felt your politic, still we’re feeling it
We worked your jobs, still we’re poor
We died in your wars, still you make more war
We obeyed your laws, still we’re not safe
We gave you a chance, still you don’t trust us
We wanted to get along, still we’re wanting
We heard what you say, still you’re talking
We drank from your well, still we’re thirsty

Authority means what it means
Thought chains for minds of dreams
Language of genocide
Progress for profit
Industrial forked-tongues needing to feed
Techno-religions mainline their techno habit
Prayers to techno gods, a fix is greed’s greed
Madman quotes madman, justifying more madness
The only alternative, devoured by no choice
Memories of the forgotten, remembering again
Deathly silence when silence loses its voice
Empire builders build with fear that breeds
Possessed love and hate from distorted seeds
The living owned

If everything’s normal, then reality’s psychotic…”


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