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Going door to door to speak to vivisectors’ neighbors

Camille Marino
March 28, 2018

In 1966, “Vietnam Summer” was a concerted effort where resisters around the country went door to door in middle-class neighborhoods to talk to people every single day about the war.

I’m calling for our own “Vegan Summer 2018.” I’m asking for activists to commit to spending this summer sparking real change in our own communities. Going door to door is maybe the most difficult thing I’ve done as an activist; but it’s also one of the most rewarding. And there is absolutely no reason that everyone and anyone cannot get off Facebook and Twitter and just talk to people.

If we can get only one or two people in communities around the country to commit, we can definitely plant a ton of seeds, gain a few converts, recruit the few like-minded people we find, and begin building an actual revolution.

Instead of just talking about it, I’m prepared to get back to work and spark the revolution the animals need.

Please contact me at eleventhhour1@protonmail.com. Commit today. If each of us is only a drop of water, then I’m prepared to create a vegan tidal wave.


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