Faces of Liberation – Celebrating the first quarter of 2018

activist, author, former political prisoner

  Contributed by Paola Pavone

Camille Marino
April 28, 2018

Let’s inspire others to action by celebrating a few of the beings that we’ve liberated or rescued in the first quarter of 2018. It gives me tremendous joy to know these individuals are enjoying the peace of love they deserve. But it would give me greater joy if I could start doing quarterly posts with pictures of abusers who’ve had their legs broken. Then I would know we were making serious progress. Further, in no way am I suggesting that these scattered liberations can compete with the work of those who have devoted their lives to rescue. I’d love to see images of some of your special rescues in the comments.

Contributed by Sheila Levine

Contributed by Elizabeth McClarnon (NY)

Contributed by Lindy Greene (CA) – She dedicated Blizzard’s rescue to Walter Bond.


Contributed by Ellen Ericksen (CA)


Contributed by Eleventh Hour for Animals (FL)


Contributed by Lindy Greene (CA)


Contributed by Elizabeth McClarnon (NY) – Wednesday & Pugsley


My Caterpillar (FL) 😀

Contributed by Katya Cherimoya (WA) – Heartwood Haven Vegan Sanctuary

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  1. Louis Eagle Warrior says:


    I am so with you including seeing dire consequences to all the abusers.

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