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Camille Marino
March 27, 2018

With the publication of my memoir, I am closing the door on six years of struggle, triumph, devastation, and injustice. For me, it represents moving forward with a clean slate. For the animals, it’s meaningless. They remain in their cages and, despite everything that I’ve endured and the wisdom I’ve gained through adversity, a convergence of forces made certain that they would remain enslaved. Knowing this, I publish with a heavy heart.

When I first began to pen this story, it was undeniably about setting the record straight and clearing my name. I had been labeled a crazed terrorist by vivisectors; the papers reported that I founded a hate group and that I was arrested for wire fraud; some in this movement were hellbent to have our community believe I was a psycho bitch with a fatal attraction; yet other demagogues alleged that vivivisectors committed their atrocities because of me — that I was responsible for animals dying.  The common theme was that everyone who sought to destroy me had an agenda: my silence. Each of those attacks cut into my soul, some more deeply than others. But by the time I put down my pen, clearing my name was the issue with which I was least concerned.

I couldn’t care less about holding anyone accountable for my experiences, nor do I particularly care about their opinions, criticism, or barbs. The only person who concerns me is me. I’ve grown so far beyond that point and my earnest hope is that my story will allow others to see past the chaos around them. When we respond to the whims of others, we give away our power. We all need to be the most effective people we can be, thus more effective activists. Our actions must be driven by conscience alone; that means we must have the benefit of coherent thought and confidence if we are to succeed. Enslaved animals deserve nothing less.

I want this memoir to inspire activism — learn what works and what doesn’t. I want us all to move forward empowered. Understand how the repression apparatus works to stop us. Censorship is a very real weapon. Never fall victim to demagoguery. And never stop speaking the truth. My mission is to be of service to the animals in whatever capacity I may; I strongly believe that means holding their captors accountable. And if my struggle can inspire just one person to stand strong and rise above theirs, then I will have succeeded.

My sincere thanks to everyone who read through my manuscripts, devoted a great deal of time and energy to expunge any gratuitous observations, and make this autobiographical book a work of which I am extraordinarily proud.


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  1. Deb Thompson says:

    Camille, I have just purchased your book #Uncensored, and look forward to reading it. I also have your first book Danger to Society, which you signed for me. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the animals.

    Deb Thompson ( Smoot)

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for your support, Deb. I really appreciate you standing by me through everything. <3

      I hope you enjoy #uncensored and I look forward to your thought. 🙂

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