South Florida, April 7 & 8: Inside the Animal Liberation Movement

activist, author, former political prisoner

Miami: Saturday, April 7 – 7 pm
Boca Raton: Sunday, April 8 – 5 pm


A weekend of book launch gatherings was confirmed yesterday afternoon for April 7 and 8 in South Florida. These events will remain by invitation only, but we’ll finish up the weekend with a fairly high-profile public finale that animal abusers will be sure to appreciate. 😀

Please contact me privately at eleventhhour1@protonmail.com for further information.


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  1. P. Hindman says:

    I’d like to meet up with everyone after Full Bloom. It’s been too long.

    • admin says:

      yeah, i know. i miss everyone too. 🙂

      i’m going to email you. i’d like to keep as many details off the web as possible for the time being.

      can’t wait xo

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