UK official infiltrated Animal Liberation groups to sabotage them

activist, author, former political prisoner

Camille Marino
March 20,2018

Yesterday, March 19, Conservative councillor Andy Coles was named as a spy in an Undercover Police Inquiry in the UK. And the Peterborough Telegraph is reporting that the Tory member of Parliament has confirmed to them that he was, indeed, working with undercover law enforcement to infiltrate and disrupt Animal Liberation activist groups in the 1990s:

“I am pleased at last to be able to confirm that in my past I was deployed as an undercover police officer to infiltrate some of the most committed and effective animal liberation extremists operating in the UK in the early 1990s.”*

He goes on to say,

“Animal Rights extremists are notorious for the intimidation and bullying of people who torture and murder animals for profit. I am a democratically elected representative for the people of Fletton and Woodston and I will continue to fulfill my duties as a councillor to the best of my ability and to act on their behalf to resolve problems despite ongoing protests by the extremists.”*

While this infiltration is only coming to light two decades later, I hope this disclosure serves as a reminder to every effective activist working to subvert the industrial animal abuse infrastructure that you may have saboteurs within your circles. Thanks to a courageous activist named Megan Enquist, we know that the FBI tried to infiltrate our groups here in Florida in 2012. While the devastation to our campaigns from events that transpired at that time are still playing out, it may be another decade or more before evidence of the FBI’s success is ever known… if it is ever known.

Coles worked to disrupt the effectiveness of the following groups:

  • Animal Liberation Front
  • Animal Liberation Front Support Group
  • London Boots Action Group/London Animal Action
  • London Animal Rights Coalition
  • Brixton Hunt Saboteurs.

*In the interest of full disclosure, I may have changed two or three words in these quotes because they were offensive in their original form.


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