Month: March 2018

activist, author, former political prisoner

Excerpt from John Trudell’s “The Magic Valley”

February 15, 1946 – December 8, 2015 Excerpt of “The Magic Valley” from the Spoken Word Tour 1994 “Earth’s DNA holds genetic memory Ancient spirit, sky, father sky The magic valley, earth, mother earth Childhood distances, hard to remember what was never to be forgotten Predators stalk all living things The death mask feeds on…
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Vegan Summer — sparking a revolution

Which side are you on? Going door to door to speak to vivisectors’ neighbors Camille Marino March 28, 2018 In 1966, “Vietnam Summer” was a concerted effort where resisters around the country went door to door in middle-class neighborhoods to talk to people every single day about the war.

Faces of Liberation – Celebrating the first quarter of 2018

  Contributed by Paola Pavone Camille Marino April 28, 2018 Let’s inspire others to action by celebrating a few of the beings that we’ve liberated or rescued in the first quarter of 2018. It gives me tremendous joy to know these individuals are enjoying the peace of love they deserve. But it would give me…
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#uncensored – available for pre-order: a personal note to my readers

Paperback available on April 1 Camille Marino March 27, 2018 With the publication of my memoir, I am closing the door on six years of struggle, triumph, devastation, and injustice. For me, it represents moving forward with a clean slate. For the animals, it’s meaningless. They remain in their cages and, despite everything that I’ve…
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Magnificent images from inside an African safari

Special thanks to Andrew Mweti, CEO of Pathway Safaris, for letting me share these images. I will never understand why anyone would go travel to another continent specifically to murder one of these magnificent beings. Fortunately, Andrew is active in conservation and, while allowing people to admire these wild animals in their natural habitat, his…
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How Andy Coles infiltrated Animal Liberation groups; activists respond

Camille Marino March 22, 2018 Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Andy Coles, a Tory member of Parliament, infiltrated Animal Liberation groups in the UK in the early 1990s. Activists are now coming forward to discuss their experiences with Coles. Their statements suggest red flags of which we all should take note. The Canary…
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South Florida, April 7 & 8: Inside the Animal Liberation Movement

Miami: Saturday, April 7 – 7 pm Boca Raton: Sunday, April 8 – 5 pm   A weekend of book launch gatherings was confirmed yesterday afternoon for April 7 and 8 in South Florida. These events will remain by invitation only, but we’ll finish up the weekend with a fairly high-profile public finale that animal…
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UK official infiltrated Animal Liberation groups to sabotage them

Camille Marino March 20,2018 Yesterday, March 19, Conservative councillor Andy Coles was named as a spy in an Undercover Police Inquiry in the UK. And the Peterborough Telegraph is reporting that the Tory member of Parliament has confirmed to them that he was, indeed, working with undercover law enforcement to infiltrate and disrupt Animal Liberation…
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Good riddance Stephen Hawking, a garden-variety bigot

The title of my own blog offends me. I want to be able to celebrate this man’s life, not so much for his contribution to science and thought, but because his accomplishments demonstrate that no matter what challenges any of us may face, we all have within us a store of talent and power if…
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Vivisection Kingpin, Matthew Block, busted framing activists

Matthew Block is President of Worldwide Primates – they imprison nonhuman primates, some are kidnapped as far away as Mauritius, and some are bred in captivity. All are used for cruel experiments, sold into laboratories, or their body fluids, blood, and tissues extracted from their bodies while they are alive to be sold for profit.…
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