Fundraiser: Support Walter Bond while exposing vivisectors

activist, author, former political prisoner

If we celebrate our warriors when they’re active, it’s our duty to support them if they’re captured.

I’m donating 100% of all money I receive from Danger to Society until it is officially released on March 1 to Walter Bond. This book is in full color specifically to get the pictures of UF’s vivisection labs into the public forum. Support Walter & expose vivisectors at the same time.

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Camille Marino
February 27, 2018

Walter Bond is an Animal Liberation Front activist and a Prisoner of War. He has been in federal prison since the summer of 2010 for the ALF “Lone Wolf”arsons. He was recently transferred back to the Communications Management Unit (CMU) in Terre Haute, Indiana. The CMU is an exceedingly harsh and punitive prison within the prison system where domestic terrorists (animal and environmental activists and prisoners of Muslim descent) are housed. Having already served most of his sentence in that box, he was transferred back there last week as punishment for going on a hunger strike. (He had the audacity to want vegan food and to receive his mail in a timely manner.) If we celebrate the actions of our front line warriors when they are free, then it is our responsibility to support them when they fall into the hands of the state.

Walter wrote the foreword to the first edition of Danger to Society in 2014, and it is included in the second edition of this book as well. The author is donating 100% of all profits from all pre-orders (ebooks and paperbacks) directly to Walter to supplement his diet and buy necessary items from commissary. Nothing is free behind bars; prison is very expensive and he still has over 3 years to go.

You can write him directly at:

Walter Bond
FCI Terre Haute CMU
PO Box 33
Terre Haute IN 47808

Section featuring illustrations of University of Florida vivisection labs

Walter released a wish list of other books that he wants from Amazon. Please do not send him a copy of DTS; his copy of my book has already been shipped to the CMU through Amazon.


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