Update: Proof that vivisectors operated on shelter dogs

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Screenshot courtesy of Tamar Barry

This is outrageous! A dog whose been rescued from abuse, neglect, or any assorted trauma should only receive love and rehabilitation from the taxpayer-financed shelters in place to help them; the fact that 18 of these dogs were sent on a “field trip” with vivisectors is stunning. And now we have proof that everyone involved is lying about the torture to which these dogs were subjected.

In response to their inquiries, Outi Aromies and Crystal Sanchez, as well as several other activists, received a response assuring the public that the ONLY procedure to which these dogs were subjected were innocuous sonograms. As the screenshot above indicates, at least one dog was the victim of an endoscopy — an invasive surgical procedure where an endoscope is inserted through a small incision to reach the internal organs. Clearly, the dog needed to be medicated and was in distress. This is only one dog. We don’t know how the balance of these dogs were made to suffer.

Dear Ms. Aromies:

Thank you for writing Commissioner Higginbotham regarding shelter dogs. Your concerns are important to the Commissioner and he values your input. Our office received the following information in response your inquiry.

VMX: Veterinary Meeting & Expo, formerly the North American Veterinary Conference, is one of the premier international conferences of the veterinary community and has partnered with shelters for many years to provide animals to show veterinarians the latest techniques in ultrasound and other procedures. There is extraordinary oversight, with veterinarians from around the world attending these sessions.

The only procedures the PRC animals underwent at the conference were ultrasound tests. There are no incisions made. The surface hair is shaved and the ultrasound device travels over the surface of the skin. The dogs are boarded for a couple days in a professional facility and returned unharmed after the sessions are complete. There is nothing hidden about our participation or our pets being used to advance veterinary medicine.

The “field trip” signs placed on the empty cages are our standard signs used to hold kennels for animals that have left the building and are expected to return to the same kennel. The Pet Resource Center (PRC) has been dedicated to assisting the growth of the veterinary community, and our partnership with the North American Veterinary Community – NAVC – provides valuable opportunities for veterinarians to further their education and skills.

As part of the partnership, NAVC provides free registration for our veterinarians and vet techs, saving the County thousands of dollars and expanding learning opportunities for our staff. Feel free to contact our office again if we may be of assistance.

With appreciation,
Jennifer Groff
Legislative Aide to Commissioner
Al Higginbotham District 7 –
Countywide O: (813) 272-5735
D: (813) 274-6935 F: (813) 272-7054
E: groffj@HCFLGov.net
W: HCFLGov.net
Hillsborough County
601 E. Kennedy Blvd.,
Tampa, FL 33602

Please visit the original post where Rescue Me Tampa – Shelter Dogs called for action to be taken, demanding that Director Trebatoski be removed from his position. He had been engaging in this quiet arrangement of lending shelter dogs to vivisectors for at least the past 7 years, many of these dogs returning from their field trips so traumatized or injured that, rather than being placed in a loving home, these re-victimized animals needed to be euthanized.  Now that this year’s conference is over, please send more emails demanding Trebatoski be relieved of his position so this doesn’t happen again.

Use this email block. Let them know that we have proof they’re lying and demand Trebatoski be removed immediately:





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  1. admin says:

    I think he gets out but just doesn’t care. They’re “only” dogs, right? Sources inside the shelter confirm that some of these dogs habe come back so traumatized they had to be killed. Disgusting, indeed, if this is their second chance.

    I’m guessing you’re familiar with some of the purple involved.

  2. Terri Wolfe says:

    I rescued 2 cats which were already taken there, they called and told them to cease and return to shelter that evening, both were shaved , one jet black cat had a white streak grow in his fur down the middle of his back , it took months to get him normal again, a miracle I got them returned before God knows what was done to them, not just dogs but a load of cats are sent there every year also.

    • admin says:

      It’s beyond unconscionable that these individuals are rescued from hell only to be turned over to sadists by their care givers. Thank you all you do. We just can never do quite enough.

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