Danger to Society – second edition available now

activist, author, former political prisoner

Declared a danger to society and thrown in jail on a $500,000 bond, I found myself sitting atop an artificial pedestal as the cell doors slammed shut on July 13, 2012. When they opened a little over a month later, I had been kicked off that platform and the same individuals who cheered a month earlier, now seemed to want my blood.

This diary preserves a one-month period in which my struggle for Animal Liberation remained pure, not yet tainted by politics and betrayal. It also serves as the prequel for my memoir, #uncensored: inside the animal liberation movement, which takes the reader deep inside the struggle — inside the cages with the animals, into the streets with resisters, into the courtrooms that are the oppressors’ playground, and opens the curtains to the truth playing out behind the scenes while the public drama unfolds.

Danger to Society is available exclusively at Amazon.

#uncensored: inside the animal liberation movement will be available in April.


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