Restraining orders have an expiration date, the truth doesn’t

activist, author, former political prisoner

James David Jentsch

Up until 2010, at the age of 46, the greatest legal issue with which I was ever confronted was a speeding ticket. And then I was served with my first restraining order by notorious monkey murderer and celebrated UCLA vivisector James David Jentsch. I lived 3000 miles away in Florida, had never met the man, yet the courts had no qualms about issuing this legal instrument because my words offended this psyhcopath. Since then I was served with two more restraining orders for precisely the same reason — abusers fear exposure! They fear my words. No one fears me. Jentsch’s order expired in 2013. The second in the series expired on December 5 last year. One remains outstanding. Each order refers to and builds upon the original one, court records overflowing with these men alleging I’m a stalker, a crazed & dangerous woman, fixated on college professors.

This is America – stalked and censored. Run to the courts, grovel and cry that you’re being stalked, and have the courts censor your critics. It must be personally crushing to live in a world where the truth is the boogie man that causes an individual the greatest emotional distress. I wouldn’t know because I don’t suffer from this condition. But, unfortunately for abusers who hide behind a judge’s robe, restraining orders have an expiration date. The truth does not.

David Jentsch quietly moved from California to New York while I was in exile, victimized by the third restraining order that was used to deprive me of my First Amendment rights for almost three years. This is quite an accomplishment when we consider that it took the combined efforts of vivisectors at the University of Florida and vivisectors at Wayne State University to successfully deprive me of my free speech for a total of 9 months — banned from activism so they could resume torturing animals to death in peace and anonymity. But by my third time around, it becomes a pattern when one builds on the censorship foundation laid down by colleagues — all one in the same, walking through history hand in hand for eternity.

So what exactly is David Jentsch up to now? I’m not sure. But I’ll be in New York in the spring to shine a light on political censorship and how abusers across this country are using the courts to silence activists. To silence vegans. To lock up animal and environmental activists. To silence the animals whose screams, tears, and blood are the currency that pad abusers’ bank accounts. And maybe it’s time to bring the fight to his new address and put him back on the map.

Censorship is not going away. It is the weapon of a fascist state — a country where animal enterprises and our government work with exquisite precision to squash any threat to the status quo and, correspondingly, their profits. Inside these  billion-dollar industries, where animals are enduring incomprehensible agony at the hands of their terrorists, anyone who dares lift the veil and expose their sadism will find themselves at the wrong end of the law. Because laws protect their very own war criminals.

When the law is wrong, the right thing to do is not to talk about breaking it. Talk is cheap. The right thing to do is step on to the front line with a spotlight aimed directly on the guilty. The more they work to silence us, the more it is incumbent on us to be louder.

Defiance is a virtue. Fearlessness is power.


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