Exclusive: FBI Tried to Infiltrate Movement –They ARE spying on us!

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If you present a threat to industrial animal abusers, the FBI may know more about you than you think.

In 2012, Florida arguably presented the greatest threat to the vivisection complex at the time. With focused activists leading aggressive and uncompromising campaigns across the state, and with strong alliances between these groups’ leaders, law enforcement stepped up its tactics to begin squashing the threat. In South Florida, Smash HLS had employees of Primate Products panicking, campaigning at their homes, showing up as they punched in and out of work, many of them photographed literally running scared for their cars. In central Florida, Negotiation is Over (NIO) led a vehement initiative against the University of Florida’s vivisection business through its local chapter (Eleventh Hour for Animals), with NIO cells popping up in over 30 locations around the globe. Their vivisectors were routinely held captive in their homes under police protection, we infiltrated their church services, infiltrated the university itself, and had students rethinking careers in animal abuse as well. Throughout the state, vivisectors were feeling the fear that they had forced upon their victims with impunity until we all surfaced in 2011.

In 2014, Primate Products was eventually forced to close up shop and relocate to a more isolated part of the state. In the same year, NIO Florida had damaged UF to such an extent that their own documents indicated their nonhuman primate labs were likely to shut down entirely by October of 2016.  In addition to supporting one another’s campaigns, we also combined our efforts to effectively help shut down several airlines transporting animals into vivisection labs and taking on local abusers on occasion. Law enforcement was relentless in harassing activists with Smash and NIO, and while we all endured repeated arrests and malicious prosecutions, the FBI was active in the background the entire time.

Megan Enquist was an activist embedded with Smash in 2012.  The FBI approached her with rewards and other perks if she would work undercover for them to infiltrate Smash HLS, trying to take down NIO leadership as well. Perhaps thinking they had found a weak link, Megan spent an hour with the feds. And now for the first time, she is telling her story.

Camille Marino: Hi Megan. Thanks so much for talking with me today. Can you please tell me a little about yourself and what you were doing back in 2012.

Megan Enquist: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for having me.

I have always had a natural affinity for animals. It just seemed like I understood animals and they understood me, to the exclusion of people a lot of times.  In 2012 I was running my business, and I had found a wonderful group of people in South Florida Smash HLS. They were making real progress, making life difficult for people and corporations that use and abuse animals for profit. They do wonderful work. I felt lucky to be able to stand with them. I had spent so many years trying to move the dial on human compassion on my own, it was amazing to meet people who shared my beliefs. I was also preparing to go to New York for a year to work with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

How exactly were you approached by the FBI?

The FBI showed up at my front door out of nowhere. When I answered the door and the man who appeared announced himself with badge and business card as being an FBI agent, I thought I might pass out. I thought something had happened to my brother. He assured me that was not the case and said he was there for something “urgently important.” I felt obligated to invite him in, and that is what I did.

What was their stated objective in wanting you to work with them? What do you think was their primary concern? And can you tell us about their demeanor. Were they trying to befriend you or scare and intimidate you?

The agent seemed reticent at first; I demanded to know why and what the FBI could possibly want from me. He then asked me if I knew a certain member of Smash HLS. He was familiar with our private messages. It was obvious that they had gotten into my Facebook account and were monitoring what was being said. I knew their interest was at best very troubling. I was extremely guarded. He tried to lighten the mood by complimenting my home decor, petting my animal companions, and joking here and there.

Can you describe your discussion with the FBI.

When he finally started telling me why he was really at my home, his intentions and ideas began to flow very quickly. He told me that I was an upstanding citizen, and he felt that I didn’t really know who I was supporting. He said that the people I protest with are dangerous, considered to be possible terrorists, and that they would take a human life to save the life of an animal. He told me that this group, and people that group members are friends with, have dangerous ties with European “terrorist” attacks in the name of saving animals.

He asked me if I thought that an animal’s life was worth more than a human’s life. I said I view the life of an animal to be equal with the life of a human.

Then came his offer. He told me I had a unique advantage that the FBI did not, and that was involvement with the group. He wanted information on the “senior members” of Smash, and he felt I may be able to gain access to another “dangerous woman” with NIO that had friends in Smash. He said I would be paid handsomely on a monthly basis in turn for selling out my friends. He then told me to think it over and get back to him. I immediately contacted the people in Smash who needed warning and told the FBI agent he could keep his big money and I will keep fighting for the voiceless.

His last words to me were, “I’m really disappointed in you, Megan. I thought you were too bright to be brainwashed.” To that I replied, “Apparently not, but the feeling is mutual.”

Is there anything else you want to add of which you think activists need to be aware?

If there is one thing that I think activists need to know it is this: if you are a part of a movement that is actually making a difference–they are making life difficult for the money men–you should assume that you are being monitored. It is not paranoia; it is being careful. The world doesn’t like us very much it seems, but we need their permission like a fish needs a bicycle!!

Thank you so much for your time, Megan, and thank you for everything you continue to do for the animals.

Thank you very much for having me. I’m truly honored.

Until every cage is empty,
Megan Enquist

The FBI failed to co-opt Megan. I firmly believe they succeeded in finding their weak link elsewhere. Given my 13 separate incarcerations, I have a pretty good idea in which direction we should all be looking. In the meantime, I want to be clear that no one should be discussing anything of a sensitive nature on Facebook with me or anyone else. That applies to unencrypted email as well.  In general, when law enforcement knocks, say nothing. But I’m glad Megan was able to record this information to share with all Animal Liberation activists.

Camille Marino
January 17, 2018


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