The Politics of Vivisectors – they overwhelmingly voted for Hillary

activist, author, former political prisoner

Camille Marino
December 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered who put the megalomanical orange moron in the White House? Well, it wasn’t the vivisectors! I know, I was shocked too. But, wait, it’s not like they voted for Jill Stein either. It seems that pretty much 4 out of 5 vivisectors preferred big pharma’s cheerleader, Hillary!

I’ve spent many sleepless nights wondering how vivisectors vote. And it seems that this database has all of the answers to any question you could possibly ask on the subject. There’s also a lot of superfluous information like their addresses, pictures of their homes and maps, the names and addresses of all of their neighbors, contact information, relatives, etc.

Shannon Haire Boye and her hubby, Sanford are both Democrats, although they enjoy blinding different species of victims. Imagine what their pillow talk must be like!

Her close colleague, William Hauswirth is a Democrat.

Roland Herzog is a Democrat.

Barry Byrne has no party affiliation; but his wife, Linda, is a Democrat.

George Drusano has no party affiliation either; but neither does Marianne. They could go either way.

And, obviously, since the University of Florida had the laws rewritten for me, I cannot republish this public information here because that could be construed as stalking. So I’ll just link it. Or send you a pdf privately if you prefer. 😀


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