Police seek my advice on how to ensnare activists… seriously!!!!

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I just found an internet archive of NIO from 2012 and I thought I’d share this old email exchange with law enforcement. Maybe I’ll put the whole site back online for a month and give it to the archives, especially the parts that were temporarily taken offline by the courts. Knowing what I know now after over a dozen arrests, I still would’ve answered this email in the exact same manner… except I’d have saved the squirrel!

Originally published March 31, 2012

Sender Flowers, Steven Kory <Steven.Flowers@greensboro-nc.gov>
Recipient camille@negotiationisover.net
Date Fri 16:10

Ms. Marino—

In my efforts to better train law enforcement officers on positive and productive encounters and exchanges with animal and earth rights’ proponents, I would greatly appreciate any input you may be inclined to relay.  I train law enforcement officers throughout the southeastern United States on various subcultures and special interest sectors of society.  I recently came across your name and credentials as an animal rights advocate, and your focus on animal rights work.  Thanks in advance for any key ideas you’d like relayed to law enforcement officers who may encounter animal/earth rights proponents.  Sincerely—skf

S.K. Flowers, Detective
Intelligence Unit
Greensboro Police Department
336.373.2309 desk
336.430.6437 wireless

Subject My suggestions for productive encounters between police and activists
Sender Camille Marino Add contact
Recipient Flowers, Steven Kory Add contact
Date Today 10:20

Hi Steve,

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to address your concerns. Unfortunately, I don’t see us reaching a “meeting of the minds” any time soon.

From your perspective, I imagine a “productive encounter and exchange” with an activist would be one in which you were able to fabricate some “terrorist” or “criminal” charges against your target to crush them most efficiently and advance the state’s agenda. And I think you are asking me in what manner a uniformed agent of repression may engage a freedom fighter to gain their confidence thereby grooming a compliant victim.

From my perspective, the concept of a “productive encounter” with law enforcement is an oxymoron. However, if I am incorrect about your agenda, then I would encourage you to train your new officers to act as men and women of conscience rather than tools of the fascist apparatus. Perhaps, as a genuine offering of good faith, you could teach them to take their battering rams and tanks and burst through the fortresses of the war criminals who murder animals and the planet with impunity — those who you protect.

Perhaps they could be encouraged to shoot a few abusers dead for good measure. After all, our system of jurisprudence allows for justifiable homicide, especially if the murder is state-sanctioned. And, finally, perhaps you could take your keys, open up the jail cells and release all of the political prisoners that you and your brethren have imprisoned.

So, just to be clear, you, Officer Flowers, are the enemy. And I am not a collaborator.

But perhaps you can give me your thoughts about one of the resources I advocate on my site.

And, if you are interested in discussing this further, I’m always available for speaking engagements… that is, unless your compatriots put me back in jail next month!

Hope this was helpful.

Camille Marino
CEO & Founder
Negotiation Is Over


Sender Flowers, Steven Kory <Steven.Flowers@greensboro-nc.gov>
Recipient camille@negotiationisover.net
Date Wed, 4 Apr 2012 05:33:41 -0400

Ms. Marino—

I feel that I have stirred a proverbial hornet’s next, which is rarely my intention.  From your perspective, I’d appreciate your input on the following hypothetical:  as a driver on a two-lane road with no shoulders, no guardrail, and 2000’ drop-offs on either side of the road, you come upon a squirrel lying in one lane of the road and a human baby in the other…veering off the road would cause your own death and stopping is not possible at your current speed.  Do you have an ethical dilemma on which creature to run over?  Which would you choose?

I truly and sincerely appreciate your opinion as a liberationist.  Again, just trying to train law enforcement on your mindsets, opinions, ethos.  Thanks in advance.

 S.K. Flowers, Detective
Greensboro Police Department
Intelligence Squad




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