Congressional candidate seeks to make government accountable

activist, author, former political prisoner

Robert N. Smith is the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 1st Congressional District of Tennessee. He says, “I have a mission, to make this government really serve the people it governs.” And although the Bill of Rights has been steadily decimated since 9/11, I question how many of us understand that if we are unwilling to fight for our own rights, then we have relinquished our ability to fight for Animal Liberation. I support Mr. Smith’s efforts and encourage my colleagues to only support those candidates who represent the interests of the people and the animals. -Camille

Bob Smith Peacemaker and US Navy Retired
Candidate for Congress TN 1st. Congressional District
Nov. 24th. 2017

Why has the Patriot Act not been repealed or declared unconstitutional? It has repealed almost every part of the Bill of Rights except the Second Amendment.

The First Amendment guarantees Freedom of Religion except for Mormons who believe in Polygamy. Except for Muslims who speak up for their right to practice their religion. Except Native Americans who wish to protest harmful industrial practices through prayer.
The First Amendment guarantees freedom of assembly except for people protesting Wall Street Racketeers and Banksters. Except for Native Americans who are trying to protect their drinking water. Except for people protesting cruel treatment of animals. Except for people protesting unsavory business practices. Except for people protesting police brutality.
The First Amendment protects Freedom of Speech except if you speak out against injustice. Except if you Speak out against factory farming practices. Except if you speak out against oil pipelines. Except if you speak out against war, injustice or police criminal activity. Except if you speak out about the selling of our law making to the highest bidder.

The Second Amendment is the only one that remains even if your a convicted felon. After all the latest church shooter was convicted, and still bought guns.

The Third Amendment has never been tested.

The Fourth Amendment guarantees you are protected from unreasonable search and sizer except if the Oaficer decides you might have money or other goods from criminal activity. The he can declare he has probable. If he does my answer is if you have probable get a warrant. Other wise you can only search me for weapons if I am arrested. I’ll wait while you go convince a judge that you have probable and describe what you are searching for and anything else is off limits. Same if you try to confiscate my money or property. Get a warrant or go F yourself. I will charge you with theft if you do not have a warrant describing exactly what you intend to seize. Even then if you do seize something of mine I will demand compensation.

The Fifth Amendment guarantees you will not be arrested except in cases of public safety without being charged by a grand jury. That you can not be forced to admit to a crime, nor testify against yourself. Nor can you be tried for the same crime twice, except if they try you for other offenses include which I have seen done. Nor may you be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. Nor may your property be taken for public use without just compensation except if some crooked cop decides he is going to confiscate it for police use.

The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to trial by jury, right to a lawyer and right to compel witness for you. Except if the prosecutor hides such witness from you, or the police give false witness.

The Seventh Amendment says you can not be sued if the suit asks for more then $20.00 except with a trial by jury.

The Eight Amendment guarantees excess bail shall not be imposed. Except if the judge decides you are black, supposedly a flight risk or whatever else the judge decides. Nor may cruel and unusual punishment be imposed except if the judge decides minimum sentence is imposed. Nor may you be fined excessively except if the judge decided you need punished beyond the monetary cost of what you were charged with or your a minority.

The Ninth Amendment guarantees rights not listed except for the right to be in charge of your body and a woman. Except if you want free education as provided by the Universal bill of rights or you need medical treatment you can’t afford. Except if you are a poor person who is being held in violation of the Constitution for not being able to afford bail, or charged with violating of a superior person who has Bank or Incorporated as part of their name.

The Tenth Amendment guarantees you will not be charged with a Federal Crime if the crime is not given to the Federal Government by the Constitution. Except if you are charged with many of the laws made by Congress or you violate a none law by Presidential Decree.


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  1. Robert N Smith says:

    Thank you for posting what I had to say.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for standing for justice inside the corporate-state complex. I only wish we had more people with integrity willing to fight for our rights and freedom.

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