Solidarity Action for Walter: March to Close Slaughterhouses in Mexico

activist, author, former political prisoner

On Sunday, November 20, thousands of protesters gathered in Mexico to march for Animal Liberation and shut down slaughterhouses. This action was dedicated to Walter Bond who is on hunger strike. This act of passive resistance is to protest the lack of a vegan diet and other civil rights abuses where he is incarcerated at FCI Greenville. A rough translation of the message from Mexico reads:

Solidarity from Mexico
Yesterday in the March for the Closing of the Slaughterhouses
Hugs in the distance to our comrade Walter


As of today, November 21, 2017, Walter Bond should be on Day 6 of his hunger strike. On Sunday night, his Facebook support page reported that he had used his 15-minute phone call to report that he was meeting with the Warden yesterday. Since he is in solitary confinement, he is not allowed another call for 30 days. We do not know the outcome of that meeting.

But I can report that things look hopeful and your calls to the prison are having the desired effect. And I am hoping to have a positive update to report in the near future. For now, please continue to call FCI Greenville at (618) 664-6200 to enquire about his health and well-being. Further instructions on what to expect and other contact information may be found here.

In Solidarity with Walter Bond: “Animal Liberation whatever it may take.”


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