Walter Bond is in solitary confinement

activist, author, former political prisoner

I learned last night that Walter Bond was in solitary. It’s now been posted on his Facebook Page by his support staff so it’s official.

His support site is down so it appears the most current information will be published here and I will update on my site as information becomes available.

We know that Walter specifically asked for two things:

1- CALL THE PRISON: it’s very doable for each of us to make two calls a day (Dial 1-618-664-6200) and inquire about his health and well-being. Some people were successful in getting through yesterday. They need to know that we all have his back.

2- SOLIDARITY ACTIONS: Clearly, any liberations or underground actions taken in Walter’s name right now would provide much needed exposure and encouragement.

*Eleventh Hour for Animals has established a Facebook page for solidarity actions while Walter is on his hunger strike to facilitate above ground organization and protests. I think we should focus on getting some publicity for his cause.

*And Animal Liberation Prisoner Support in Toronto has created a call-in action for Monday. Please join this event as well.

Thanks to everyone. I am glad we can all organize ourselves to support our brother in Animal Liberation, Walter Bond.

From his official page:

Current information about Walter Bond (posted on Nov 16, 2017)

This facebook page has been set up and is maintained by supporters for Walter. Walter has no access to this page or to the internet. If any of this information changes, this post will be updated.

For an unknown reason, the supportwalter.org website is down, as well as the listserv email site.

We believe Walter is being held in solitary confinement and will be there for up to 3 months.

Walter stated on Wednesday, November 16 that he is starting a hunger strike to protest:
1) Lack of Vegan meals at the prison, causing him to have to buy supplemental foods from the expensive prison store.
2) Routinely lengthy (weeks or months) delays in getting mail and Corrlinks email messages out, as well as receiving his mail and incoming Corrlinks email messages.
3) Being prevented (due to minor rules infractions) from transferring to another prison.

In a message broadcast by NAALPO on 11/15/17, Walter asked supporters to take actions in solidarity of his hunger strike and call FCI Greenville to express concern about his health and well-being. The phone number of the prison is (618) 664-6300.

Here is a little of what to expect when you call the prison.

1-Dial 1-618-664-6300

2-When the line engages, the recorded greeting asks you to enter an extension. If you stay on the line or if you press “0”, after many many rings, an operator will answer.

3-Tell her or him that you are calling in reference to prisoner Walter Bond, number 37096-013. You can then say you are concerned because Walter is currently on hunger strike and being held in solitary. The operator may then transfer you to Walter’s case manager. Or you can ask to be transferred to the case manager, the unit manager or the warden.

4-The warden of the prison is Tom Werlich. Walter’s case manager is Sarah Mickelson (pronounced “Michael-son”)

5-Don’t expect the staff to be helpful. They haven’t been rude, but they will treat you like a speck of dust.

6-You can let whoever you speak with know that Walter’s friends will continue to call to express their concern about his well-being until we hear from him that he is okay. You can let them know that more and more people
are learning about what is happening to Walter at Greenville and we will continue to express our outrage until Walter’s problems there have ended.

7- It will be extremely helpful if you call the prison everyday, possibly twice a day. Best to call once in the morning and once in the early or mid afternoon.

If you want to write to the warden of the prison, here is the address:

Thomas Werlich, Warden
FCI Greenville
PO Box 4000
Greenville IL 62246

Walter DOES receive mail, but both incoming and outgoing mail is UNUSUALLY slow and not very reliable. Probably it will be hard or impossible for Walter to answer mail right now.
Walter cannot now use Corrlinks to send or receive email.
Sending letters or cards to Walter Bond:

Walter Bond
FCI Greenville
PO Box 5000
Greenville IL 62246

Sending books to Walter:

At this time, it is unknown if he can receive books. You can try ordering a book for him from amazon or another book dealer or publisher. Books sent directly from an individual will be returned by the prison. Right now, there are no books on Walter’s amazon wish list.

Sending funds to Walter:

Via PayPal: fundsforwalterbond@gmail.com
Via US Postal Mail:

Elizabeth Tobier
PO Box 1240
New York NY 10159-1240

If you are sending a check or money order, make it out to Elizabeth Tobier. She will send you an acknowledgement and will send the funds, once they accumulate (to avoid multiple payments of the fee Western Union charges), to Walter Bond’s prison account via Western Union.

Via Western Union:
Either visit a western union office, telephone them or go online to westernunion.com. You will need his prison ID number, which is 37096-013.

Sending a money order directly to the prison, see the BOP website:
You will need his prison ID number, which is 37096-013.

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