ALF Prisoner Walter Bond on Hunger Strike

activist, author, former political prisoner

Walter Bond has endured excessively harsh and punitive treatment inside the prison-industrial complex since he was first arrested in 2010. He has now begun a hunger strike and it is incumbent upon every Animal Liberation activist to support him, call the prison, and plan your own solidarity actions on his behalf.

An Eleventh Hour for Animals Facebook Event has been organized to help facilitate worldwide solidarity actions. Call the prison at (618) 664-6200 now!

His message has been republished by NIO on YouTube and the transcription follows below:

“Since my arrival in Greenville two-and-a-half years ago, my communications with the world have been made incredibly difficult and at times impossible. I have been repeatedly denied books, magazines, letters and pictures. It’s standard operating procedure that my mail – be it my email or snail mail — is habitually days, weeks and even months late. It is not at all uncommon for my mail, both incoming and outgoing, to simply never arrive.”

“I’ve been…. I’ve even been denied copies of my own book, “Always Looking Forward,” which I wrote in prison and is approved for me to have. “

“It has also become impossible for me to adhere to my Vegan diet, because none of the so-called “meat options” offered at Greenville, Illinois are even close to Vegan. Because of this, I have been forced at great cost to my friends, family and supporters to pay outrageously for foods from the commissary that continue to be an inadequate version….”

“I have tried now for over a year to obtain a transfer from FCI Greenville, Illinois closer to New York City where I intend to live upon my release, but I have been denied this as well through petty and irrelevant disciplinary reports.”

“Despite all of this, I have maintained years of patience, quietly awaiting my freedom. But, my cooperation has got me nothing.”
“So in the tradition of A.L.F. activists before me, such as Barry Horne, I am going on hunger strike. I will not eat anything and will starve until these issues are remedied.”

“I’m asking everybody in the Animal Rights and Anarchist communities to stand with me with your protests and actions of solidarity.”

“You can reach the institution concerning my health and well-being at (618) 664-6200.”


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  1. Denderah says:

    I met Walter Bond for an interview when he was briefly held in the detention center near Las Vegas before he was transferred to Ohio. He had just finished an interview with a Brazilian magazine and read me the transcript through the T.V. monitor. He writes well and his words resonate with the people. We corresponded for a short time and my associates were appalled that I was receiving “jail mail.” Some of my mail did not reach him. I have enjoyed his book and hope he writes another. But we will have to wait.. I hope he does not carry this hunger strike to the extreme. He has only just over three years left and I would like to see him back and working for the animals in a sanctuary.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, Walter is a very intelligent man and very engaging. That in itself is threatening to the status quo. I’m glad you got to meet him. I’ve never spoken to him face-to-face, but the Bureau of Prisons interrupted our communication 5 years ago and I really miss talking to him. I’m very concerned about this hunger strike.

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