Exposure is our most lethal weapon

activist, author, former political prisoner

Camille Marino
November 7, 2017

Despite the fact that I’ve never set foot in the state of North Carolina, I was just trespassed from my fourth university – NCSU.

Let’s understand exactly what this piece of paper means: VIVISECTORS FEAR EXPOSURE! It is the most lethal weapon we possess if we are ever going to end their reign of terror and tyranny. And I am very encouraged by my like-minded colleagues who used the readily-available public information about vivisection student Stephanie Cone, republished on this site, and exploited it to make the animals heard. Clearly, you succeeded! She not only ran to mommy and daddy, but to the police too. And I thank you for that.

After all, her victims have no one to run to. We’re it. And if it were up to the vivisectors, we would just continue to sign petitions and ask them nicely to please reconsider. Fuck that!

Does anyone remember Richard Ramirez? He was a serial killer who terrorized and murdered people in California in the 1980s. Stephanie Cone terrorizes and murders animals in 2017. Ramirez enjoyed his anonymity as he crept around the darkened streets of Los Angeles, victimizing innocent people with gleeful abandon. Stephanie Cone enjoyed her anonymity as she crept around the darkened underground dungeons in NCSU. When the papers figured out who he was, an angry mob found him in the streets and beat him to a bloody pulp. The arresting officers probably saved his pathetic life. When I published Stephanie’s info and we all learned who she was, is it any wonder she fears retribution? The media was not responsible for the reaction Richard Ramirez earned just as I am not responsible for the disgust and anger Stephanie Cone and the rest of her ilk has earned.

And those on campus are far better placed to deal with her now that we all know her name. It’s about time vivisectors felt some of the fear they visit upon their terrorized victims.



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  1. faith daron says:

    I was nearly raped. No one is doing any thing to this sick man. if I did not fend him off me in home I be sexually assaulted. Police did nothing. A demented person needs vivisecting of brain not innocent animal which is government funding and gov. knows it is not really helping humans. Use a murder or serial killer. Vivisectors are disturbed sick people who enjoy torturing animals and listening to screams. What a mad world. Can I share your tress passing or not. Any way, I am contacting mentioned parties as they need to be examining their brains as studies recently show by FBI most nut jobs who kinflict pain lack a genetic component…called EMPATHY. TRUE..

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry for the trauma you’ve experienced, Faith. Yes, those who enjoy victimizing others share a psycopathology that is foreign to us. And I’ve had enough experience with the law to understand that justice is measured by which party has a bigger bank account.

      Please take care of yourself first and try to find a peace within. We cannot fight injustice in our world if we are not centered and whole. And if you need me, just call. You’re welcome to come stay by me for a while if you need to get away. <3

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