Our job is to send them to hell

activist, author, former political prisoner

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camille marino
september 27, 2017

Aside from saving animals, collectively and individually, we have one job – to send those who profit from animal abuse to a hell of their own, something akin to the hell in which they’ve entombed animals on earth.

The holocaust is so omnipresent and pervasive, that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Especially if we are isolated by location or ideology, don’t have a group with which to work or a support system, what can one person really do? Whenever a problem is too big, the only way in which to tackle it is to break it down into smaller, manageable parts that will incrementally bring us closer to our ultimate goal. The simple fact is that if every “one person” throws their hands in the air and embraces impotence, the answer is that we will accomplish nothing. However, if every “one person” commits to doing something every single day, then, cumulatively, all of those individuals will change the world. Together, we can stop abusers. If we stop abusers, then we have liberated untold numbers of their nonhuman victims.

When we become vegan, we choose to abstain from active participation in animal suffering; we doing nothing, however, to address the problem. I’ve often made the analogy that I don’t spend my money on child pornography; this does not mean I am doing anything to stop child sex trafficking. So while personal veganism is an optimal starting point, with our new knowledge comes a duty to become an active combatant for Animal Liberation.

Each of us brings our own unique strengths and talents to the table that must be optimized.  If we excel at communication and enjoy interacting with people, then maybe vegan outreach is a natural avenue. A good friend explained to me that, in addition to her conventional activism, she works to convert others to a plant-based lifestyle and then grooms them into activists. Every single person who awakens to the cause becomes a potential weapon in the struggle.

Maybe someone brings to the table a history of violence; this is probably someone who would excel at making their point by negotiating with an abuser face to face. An artistic individual might reach the masses by crafting stories or graphic scenes. Analytic individuals might be more comfortable examining balance sheets or tax returns; following the money and publicizing it. A lawyer might be most valuable defending activists whose skill set becomes threatening. And maybe you’re just not sure what exactly to do. But the internet affords all of us an invaluable tool to explore and find our calling.

Whether it’s the ALF liberating nonhuman prisoners or rescue workers saving domesticated animals from certain death, there is no difference to those whose lives are saved. The main difference rests on economic sabotage and affecting a concentration camp’s profits. If every vegan were liberating animals and burning down dungeons, we would have won the war already. But not everyone is cut out for such physically-demanding missions. So let’s think in terms of reputation sabotage. Let’s think in terms of causing the greatest amount of damage possible to the individuals directly profiting from suffering. Let’s think in terms of sending them all to hell.

Exposure is the most deadly weapon an activist can wield; and it is available to every single one of us for the taking. Start thinking about what person or business in your community has been allowed to make money tormenting animals without consequence thus far. Maybe it’s a corner pet store. Maybe it’s a vivisector mutilating cats at a local university. Maybe it’s a neighbor who keeps their dog chained up like a lawn ornament in all kinds of inclement weather. There is no shortage of human scum harming the innocent. There is, however, a severe shortage of vegans willing to personally take them on. I’m making the assumption that this condition is the result of a lack of information. I know we all want to do more.

I want you to start to feel a new sense of power. If you can affect one abuser, make his/her life a little less comfortable, then you can go to sleep knowing you are fighting for the animal who’s locked in his/her cage. If thousands of us commit to simply giving one abuser a little extra attention, that means there are now thousands of abusers who suddenly need to look over their shoulders. If thousands of us become comfortable identifying the guilty, learning how to find and contact their neighbors, learning how to find and contact their family members, learning how to access their personal information and credit reports, learning everything about them, we are then free to share our information publicly for anyone to use however they may choose.

A series on my new Vegan Empowerment channel will serve as a how-to guide to acquire and employ tools that can galvanize a veritable online resistance. I will never advocate that you do anything illegal or endanger yourself in any way. Our sole objective is to effectively gather information. But I will also never discourage anyone from using said information in any manner they see fit.

Abusers have declared war on animals. They struck the first, second, and millionth blow. It’s time we were armed and prepared to respond effectively.


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  1. Charles evert says:

    Yes I want your updates and information

    • admin says:

      hi charles, thank you for your interest. since this is a new project, please subscribe to this site to keep current on information here. but the first “vegan online resistance” video was published moments ago on Vegan Empowerment on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwYIqHblJ54

      please check out the video; it’s a tutorial. please like, subscribe, and share to help build our own resistance. i look forward to your comments, thoughts, and suggestions.


  2. Charles evert says:

    Your system here is too complicated second time I’ve wrote comment an second time I’ve tried to post my info

  3. Don Ho says:

    You are an absolute nut.

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