URGENT: Demand Justice for Homeless Activist

activist, author, former political prisoner

Alain De Coessemaeker has been bullied by the courts for several years, left homeless and financially destitute. His crime: protecting Nature. His appeal will be heard on October 6 before the Belgian Minster of Justice. Please watch this short film produced by Els Vande Ginste and sign the petition linked below. This petition will be closed on Friday and forwarded to the Minister of Justice to review before the appeal is heard. We must let the court know that the world is watching and we will not let Alain stand alone.

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  1. June Levin says:

    I absolutely do not believe what I am seeing.  Alain has lost everything, his Mother, his home and now his beautiful precious trees, which will reminds him do his Mom and children.  Where in the hell is the compassion for another human being as well as protecting beautiful nature.  His neighbors must be “heathens”!  I hope when he goes to court, that there will be real caring human beings who will dismiss the case!  You’re in our prayers Alain!

    • admin says:

      It’s completely outrageous and unconsciounable. I believe they’ve devastated him so because no one knew his name. I am hoping that with some pressure Grimm the public, the court will finally do the right thing. He is such a sweet and gentle man. I really hurt for him.

  2. Rob McBride says:

    Incredible. So bad for these neighbours to do this. Who are they, why do they do this. Why do the courts rule so harshly? Just terrible #SaveTheTrees #SaveAlain #FriendOfNature

    • admin says:

      i don’t know the answer, rob. but i do know that when no one is watching, the courts are regularly used as a battering ram by unscrupulous people to bully and batter individuals. i cannot imagine anything more punitive than for alain to be left homeless because he love trees. i hope this petition and our support will have some sway over the courts.

  3. Melanie Villegas says:

    Etienne is an example of non-compromise. He stood for the right thing. Many of us need his example. The trees in his house were sacred to him. They were important to him and symbolic to us who still believe the planet and its beings are worth taking care of. Please, here our plea. We stand with Etienne. He is doing the right thing. We hope for your compassion.

    • admin says:

      i cannot think of anything more punitive and just plain mean-spirited than to render a man homeless because he chooses to protect nature. let’s home this petition and our support will have some sway over the court. thank you for signing.

  4. Marina Davis says:

    This is outrageous and heartless! How can the courts allow this to go on? Please reconsider and allow this good man to return to his home without the terrible financial burden.

    • admin says:

      thank you for your comments. we only have a few more days. i would appreciate it if you would try to re-circulate the petition one more time. if the court is allowed to sell this man’s home, i cannot think of anything more tragic and wrong. this is beyond bullying. i’m at a loss for words.

  5. Joanne says:

    I’ve been following Alain’s plight for years. Things just keep going from bad to worse. It really resonates with me because I also have nasty neighbors that hate trees and nature. Please help circulate this petition. Maybe it’s  not too late to get a little justice.


    • admin says:

      it’s never too late until it’s over. thank you for your help, joanne. i, too, can relate to alain’s situation in terms of being at the mercy of an unfair legal system. but we can not just stand by and watch this man be stripped of his ancestral home simply because he has vindictive and malicious neighbors. let’s hope that with our support behind him, he will finally receive some semblance of justice.

  6. Benjamin Loison says:


  7. Emma Vakencia says:

    Justice for Alain. Save mother nature.

  8. SAVE


    • admin says:

      and save alain for the trees. 🙂

      because my site was down for 2 days, we’re closing this petition monday morning. so please use this weekend to spread it far and wide.

      thank you for your support.

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