no “pet” has to die – emergency irma relief

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a man carries his dog through the flood waters of hurricane harvey

camille marino
september 9, 2017

Let’s all first take a deep breath. It’s the media’s job to incite fear and panic. Certainly, we need to be alert and take necessary precautions. And then whatever is going to happen will. And life will go on. We’ll adjust and respond. We are living in an age where nature is going to even itself out and adjust for all the devastation humans continue to wreak on the planet. Hysteria never helps.

Next, the epidemic of people abandoning their companion animals in times of catastrophe is both deplorable and unnecessary. If anyone needs help in Florida, it is available.


In central Florida, people are being encouraged to surrender their dogs and cats to Animal Control rather than abandon them. I have to assume this is happening in other areas as well. The reason is that the state does not want the extra burden of having to rescue these animals before they murder them. In the small print, they will tell you in no uncertain terms to not expect your animal to be returned; they will be euthanized. We just saw the Houston SPCA go on a killing spree to deal with the problem and in south Florida, the MDAS has begun the same extermination agenda. These places are not your friends; they exist to contend with what they view as a nuisance.


Pet-friendly human shelters: Click here to find a shelter for you and your companion animal organized by county

Animal shelters: Click here to find a shelter for your dogs and cats. This may be a last option for those who don’t feel comfortable with pet-friendly shelters. I could not safely have one of my dogs around other dogs in a shelter so, if there were no other option available , I would likely choose to have him safe in one of these shelters.


Pets Act (2006) – Any state accepting FEMA assistance must assist pets, too! Please click here and familiarize yourself with the law.

Lexi Preisser is a female certified responder with FEMA, she is a volunteer with Red Rover, and she is one of us. Lexi is ready to help with rescues in Florida after Irma has passed and is also pleading with people to bring their dogs to her rather than abandon them. She may be contacted on Facebook or as follows:

Lexi Preisser
Fort Lauderdale

Resources are available. There is no excuse for anyone to make provisions for their companion animals that they would not make for themselves. Please educate yourself, reach out if you need help, and keep yourself and your family safe.


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