Ethics vs Science

activist, author, former political prisoner

The world’s first genetically modified primate, a baby rhesus monkey named ANDi

by Louis Eagle Warrior

Where are you?

In his 1983 book, “Slaughter of the Innocent,” the brilliant Swiss author Hans Ruesch exposes the madness of humans in that, “ . . . mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, turtles; also horses, donkeys goats, birds and fish – are slowly blinded by acids, submitted to repeated shocks, or intermittent submersion, poisoned, inoculated with deadly diseases, disemboweled, frozen to be unfrozen and refrozen, starved or left to die of thirst, . . .”

This book and his other book, “Naked Empress/The Great Medical Fraud,” Dr. Sharpe’s book, “The Cruel Deception,” and Broad and Wade’s, “Betrayers of the Truth,” spotlight the fraud, and the horrors of animal experimentation, what we know as vivisection.

You will not be subjected further here to a compendium of barbarism perpetuated by these sadistic, psychopaths who pose as scientists. Truly, they are beneath contempt and undeserving of the air they breathe. Our air. The air of their hapless victims.

Those like-minded to me are tearful, outraged with blood running cold and filled with barely controllable anger, hatred, with a proclivity to the perpetuation of violence on these aberrant, errantly wired, pathetic excuses for humans.

What these books expose, beyond the cruelty and abject horror, is the incontrovertible fact that so called research carried out on animals never has, cannot and never will bring about a single awareness of, prevention or cure for any human illnesses or injuries.

Ah, but here’s the rub. Here then lies the crux of the title of this piece even before this fact of non-science was articulated, I, like many of you, did not care whether vivisection brought about a cure for anything or everything, whether it made it possible for every sick child to be romping in play or brought the dead back to life.

The chilling notion of experimenting on living, sentient creatures always spoke of one thing to me, a blatant lack of morality and ethics. A wholly indefensible industry whose means could never justify any end and that must be stopped no matter how. Whatever it takes. WHATEVER!!!

I have been a guest on numerous radio talk shows fielding the rants of outraged callers and their how dare you equate animals with humans. (I don’t. I place them above humans). They, along with well-wishing, appreciative advocates. One of these shows was rigged to the point that those in agreement were screened out so that I faced three hours of fixed opposition. I recall one of those calls when a mother literally screamed at me because her eight year old diabetic daughter relied on insulin, which as you may be aware, comes from pigs. I calmly pointed out that pigs are here to live their own lives, that animals are not born as a resource for humans, and that the vaunted medical industry needs to find other solutions. Pigs do not owe her daughter or anyone their lives.

I have been in public forums where I debated researchers, scientists, PhD’s, MDs on the ethics AND the lack of scientific evidence or breakthroughs as to the efficacy of vivisection, vis a vis lack of relief to human injuries and disease.

Some have actually postulated that research on animals is, and I quote, a necessary evil. How can an evil be necessary??

While always striking at the absence of morality inherent with animal experimentation, my primary thrust has been the lack of science involved, the failure to produce any breakthroughs in medicine and the fact that human illnesses not only remain, but are more prevalent than ever.

Why this approach, because as we see with the subject of veganism, most people don’t care about animals and what happens to them, being the selfish, ego-centered creatures they are. They will more readily respond if it affects them.

As a result, many animal rights activists, and I do mean many, called me, wrote me and otherwise accosted me for being what they termed, a “Rueschian.” That really was their word. That I had no business not focusing solely on the ethics and to hell with the science and the issue of its lack of positive results.

Know this, while my heart and soul stands firmly on the ethical aspect of not using animals for anything. Anything! As previously stated, even IF this chamber of horrors did bring about relief and cures, it could nor can never be justified. We still must be well-versed to push home the fact that it is an unproductive, multi-billion dollar industry that accomplishes nothing.

Bottom line – in our battle, in our war, and make no mistake, war and battle are apt, operable terms.

SO – In this cause, do you lean toward the argument of ethics, science, or both equally. And why?

Whichever you do favor, you must, absolutely MUST educate yourselves. Check out those books mentioned earlier and others. Be prepared with your arguments. You and we must be prepared to do battle, being as we are their voice, their champions and yes, their fists.

The time has not only arrived, it’s long, long past due. No compromise. No negotiation.

“If a person did to people what they do to animals they would not be sentenced to a prison. They would be locked away in an institution for the criminally insane.”


Louis Eagle Warrior is a member of the Lenape Indian nation. In addition to authoring two books, he is an accomplished public speaker and musician. He has been an outspoken animal advocate all his life & vegan for 29 years, he founded the Animal Liberation Network in 1988, and believes all forms of animal exploitation must be stopped now and be stopped by any and all means: “Whatever we can get away with is justifiable.”



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