Let’s help Infectious Disease Enthusiast Drusano celebrate his 68th birthday

activist, author, former political prisoner

Simulposted with Eleventh Hour for Animals

Time is running out so let’s put our heads together and come up with something special to help vivisector George Louis Drusano, an infectious disease enthusiast, celebrate his 68th birthday next Tuesday, August 22. 🙂

Although UCF Sergeant Freeman called to assure me that Drusano is not giving monkeys infection diseases on UF’s campus in Orlando, where George lives and works, he is collecting roughly $2.5 million taxpayer dollars for that express purpose. Presumably the fact that his victims are being tortured in Gainesville and other locations is assumed by some to mitigate his culpability.

I’m thinking maybe a he will buy himself a nice new BMW with his pristine blood money credentials that go something like 2_ _-54-_ _ 55. I’m just taking a wild guess. 😉

Any activists in Latham, New York by the way?

All ideas and suggestions welcomed and encouraged.


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