This morning’s call from law enforcement proves what I already knew…

activist, author, former political prisoner

Camille Marino
August 14, 2017

Five weeks after winning my first lawsuit against the University of Florida, UFPD Sergeant Jeff Moran personally orchestrated my very first arrest at a UF Protest in 2012. Documents obtained through public records requests demonstrate that he also orchestrated two extraditions to get me out of Florida, the first torturous excursion cost UF a grand total of $536.50. Having failed to silence me, he then set out on a mission to extinguish my work from the internet and attempted to have me imprisoned for 5 years for the banned video, Defiance is a Virtue. This online video which he alleged constituted a probation violation was reported in the news as my having committed “wire fraud.” Jeff Moran tried every dirty trick to shut down Eleventh Hour for Animal’s campaign to expose primate experimentation at UF.

It would take movement traitors to finally pick up where Moran left off, one working feverishly to have the courts take the Negotiation Is Over website offline and keep me silenced for two years; the other, a tepid little movement welfarist who teamed up with vivisectors to marginalize me, writing to my colleagues behind my back alleging that UF murdered their victims because of me. In fact, while I was in timeout, vivisector Raymond Bergeron retired and 7 of his victims were finally released to a sanctuary. I celebrate that these victims will have a second chance at a normal life; but waiting for vivisectors to retire is not an acceptable business model — this same welfarist & co. turning a blind eye to new victims succumbing in their dungeons everyday. This method of Animal Liberation is what we call begging for crumbs at the Master’s table, waiting for a pat on the head from your co-conspirators. It’s what I call treason.

So virulent were the efforts to eradicate me, that activists chose to openly defend UF vivisectors in some misguided attempt to harm me and damage my efforts for the animals. Each of them has yet to take on abuser themselves which speaks volumes about collaborators among us:


When I say I know what abusers fear and I understand the lengths to which they will go to silence us, I know what I’m talking about. And I’ve paid a steep price to remain true to the animals and retain my ability to speak. So I just received a call from a Sergeant with UCF’s police department. My old friend Jeff Moran, who a little bird told me began orchestrating depositions against me as far back as October of 2016 when I was still sitting in time out, is now reaching out to other law enforcement agencies across the state to make sure their vivisectors are protected — that they can maim and murder animals with peace and anonymity. Fuck crime. Law enforcement exists to protect industrial war criminals.

While very cordial, I understand that officers have one objective in mind — putting us behind bars. The one thing I told him honestly is that I have no intention of allowing myself to be arrested again. And since I am no longer associated with any militant caricatures who can use my website to spout their asinine rhetoric and then run like a flaming coward when the hammer drops, that shouldn’t be a problem. But while this Sergeant assured me that there were no primate experiments happening in UF’s facilities in Orlando — maybe just dogs, cats, mice, rabbits? — and maybe the primate experiments are still happening in Gainesville? (I have no records in my hands and cannot confirm any specific at the moment), the one thing this discussion served to confirm is this:


I understand precisely what they fear — and it isn’t me. I’ve never been a threat to anyone. They fear my words. They fear our networks and our ability to bring their crimes that happen behind closed doors to the light of day. They fear a unified movement of uncompromising activists who will make sure we will never let them hide. And I personally will not rest until the peace and anonymity these monsters once enjoyed are a distant memory.


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