Fri, Sept. 8 – Sun, Sept 10: Free Visions of Change Workshop in Florida

activist, author, former political prisoner

My Office in Wildwood, Florida (about an hour north of Orlando)

I went vegan and became an activist because I was horrified — in absolute disbelief — at the injustices animals are made to endure; it was because I wanted to create real change. That’s why every single one of us is here. Unfortunately, everyone wanted me to write a check, pay for a conference, buy a t-shirt, or eat for the animals. Very few seasoned activists would give me anything practical. What could I do? What could one person do? I now know the answer: one person can do a lot! I want to give you the tools and information you need and help you focus in on your own Vision of Change for your own community.

Spend a weekend in central Florida. Your only expenses are your own food and transportation. You’ll have free access to an Olympic-sized pool, a full gym, woods to take a walk and talk. Let’s figure out where your passion lies and how you can focus your energy most effectively. You’ll go home knowing:

  • how to research and find out what’s going on in your area;
  • who’s harming animals and where;
  • how to start a campaign and recruit supporters;
  • how to use your information effectively;
  • how to use the Internet effectively;
  • how to secure your computers, your information, and your best options for cyber communication.

There are other things I want to teach you but will not discuss it online. I want you to know how to deep research an abuser so that you know everything about them and their family; I want you to know what tactics and strategies have worked for me. And I want to help you figure out exactly what you want to be doing.

I have my own vision: to have focused, aggressive, informed, and well-equipped grassroots activists rising up in every community around the country to take personal responsibility for forcing change. I want us to learn to share our information and resources. As basic as that may sound, the AR community has a cottage industry of patriarchs and nonprofits who want you to pay to hear them talk. They don’t want you to have information because that info is how they get donations. I think it’s time to change the dynamic.

If there is any interest, I am hoping to give these workshops monthly and grow an army. Feel free to leave a comment, write me at eleventhhour@riseup.net, or text me at 352-702-5143.


Camille Marino
July 27, 2017


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