To those responsible for animal suffering

activist, author, former political prisoner


For two years I’ve had to sit on my anger, sit back in my own restraints, and just watch the animals die. I had to swallow my own feelings, knowing that it was other vegans — not just one — but a concerted effort of welfarists, collaborators, and cultists who worked tirelessly to silence me and stop me from fighting to free the monkeys inside the University of Florida. They shredded my reputation in an attempt to maintain an illusion of credibility. They replaced my efforts with dead air. And, interestingly, not a single one of these individuals have ever attempted to shut down an abuser with the dedication and ferocity with which they sought to stop me. Frankly, my activism stands on its own merit, especially against this backdrop of frauds, gossips and cowards. An independent documentary and my own memoir will explore my struggles over the past few years. But, while the vivisectors and other abusers have been carving up their victims in peace and anonymity and laughing at the traitorous activists who did their dirty work, please know I’m back. And the animals will have a voice. I intend to win on all fronts. Because it is the winners who write history!

I’ve been speaking with new activists, one in particular. This individual reminds me of myself 10 years ago — anger, enthusiasm, compassion, and a seemingly-endless store of initiative. While I turn my attention to empowering activists with the tools and strategies I’ve accumulated along the way, this person empowered me with something I desperately needed: a reminder. A reminder of who I am and why I’m here. To fight with everything I’m made of for Animal Liberation! I will never negotiate my own liberty for some comfort. And I will never negotiate Animal Liberation to satisfy anyone else’s definition of what it should be.

So to all those who don’t approve of my methods, to all those who just don’t like me, to all those who get rich tormenting animals, and to all those who put their own agendas ahead of the animals, let me say this as clearly as I possibly can: FUCK YOU!

I will do this my way. If you hurt animals, you should be looking over your shoulder. You should have to watch your kids on their way to school. And even if your “kid” is a 50-year old man who lives in Rhode Island, maybe it’s time to reconsider how your penchant for mutilating animals could affect the ones you love.

I’m done playing games. FOIAs were filed this morning; more records will be requisitioned soon. Hope you enjoyed the couple of years you had torturing animals to death in peace with the full protection the movement.

Camille A. Marino
July 24, 2017


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